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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Rusty Gym Battle (Water Gym)

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel finally got to Rusty City to earn a badge, but he shouldn't expect an easy win...
Gabriel made it out of the gym and challenged me into a quick two on two battle. I accepted. "Go Cacnea, Go Bagon". "Where did you get a Bagon from" I asked. "I got it from my father" He replied. "Cacnea use Pin Missile, Bagon dodge it and use Dragon Claw" Quickly Bagon managed to outpspeed and knock out Cacnea. "Return, Go Meditite, use Thunder Punch" and that took care of Bagon. "Go Sandhrew use Earthquake" DODGE IT and use Psychic" Quickly Sandhrew was knock out from confusion. "I'm warning you that Archie here is hard to beat" Gabriel said leaving away. "Let's go Sasha" I said. "Sure" she replied and we both entered the gym. The gym was a water type. "Welcome to Rusty City's Gym, I'm Archie it's leader, user of battle pokemon. Shall we begin" he greeted us. "Sure" I said. "Go Carvannah" Archie said. "Hmm, water type fish, it may have rough skin". "Go Meditite" 'Meditite use Thunder Punch'. Thunder punch hit but Meditite got hurt badly by the rough skin. "Carvannah use water pulse" "Meditie DODGE" Meditite got hit and became confused. "Carvannah use BITE" "Meditite snap out of it". Carvannah ko Meditite. "Return, you did great, Go Cacnea use leaf blade" that knocked out Carvannah. "Go Wooper" "Hmm, water/ground" "Cacnea use Leaf Blade" "Wooper dodge and use Scald" Wooper dodge and Cacnea got hit and got burned by Scald. "Cacnea one more time, Wooper use Dig, Oh no, Cacnea use Leaf Blade" And Cacnea finished off Wooper. "Great job, Here's your badge" Archie said. Sasha then decided to battle and get it's badge. The two friends then decided to head for the next gym, in Fords Town (Dewford Town), in a small island off the coast in Route 104.