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Runes Of Pokemon : Chapter One

by Zyreph

Zyreph This is really not finished yet but it will be by tomorrow
Today is just a normal day in a life for people and Pokemon on earth, or so we thought. "Zyreph, wake up!" Shouted Zyrephs grandmother slamming the door open, "Professor Birch requested your presence 20 minutes ago!" "Then why wake me up now!" Shouter Zyreph falling out of bed, grabbing his dressing gown and sprinting towards Birch's lab, "I'm here!!" Zyreph slams the door shut after him, "You're late, my boy." Said professor Birch trying to contain his laughter at the look of Zyreph's hair.
"Where's my pokemon?" Asked Zyreph so frustrated and tired he looked drunk, "There are none left." Said Birch placing elixir potions in his cupboard full of remedies. "N-none? B-b-but..." Zyreph said, soudning like he was about to tumble over into a five hour slumber. "Professor! Professor!" The lab's entrance door flung open as one of Bitch's assistants came running in holding something in his arms.
"Is it...dead?" Asked the assistant pointing a torch at a wound on the pokemons neck, it was a small Pichu that looks as if it was attacked brutally by a pack of wind pokemon. It started to flinch, "Thank god." Said the assistant relieved that the Pichu wasn't gone. After half an hour of stitching the wound up Birch finally decided on giving the Pichu a new home to prevent any further harm coming to it. "Oh, I know! Zyreph you can have him, not much but he's a fighter." Said Birch slowly stroking the Pichu's head, "Oh, ok,.It's better that nothing at least." Said Zyreph picking him up after the Pichu had fully recovered.