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Run Because They Are Chasing Me Down

by Umspeon

Umspeon This is how my OC Luna became the Umbreon Espeon Hybrid she is today
Luna wasn't always the way she was in fact before she evolved she was a completely normal Eevee. Bubbly and positive (although today she still is a bubbly ball of positivity) like most baby Pokemon. It was how she evolved that changed her and that is what this story will be telling so with that, let's just... Get To the point...

Luna skipped along happily through the forest she called home. It was a beautiful summer day but it wasn't any normal day, today was the day of a solar eclipse. Something that happened once in a life time and everyone, Pokemon and trainers alike, was heading into the clearing to watch this magical event. What Luna didn't know was that something even more unexpected would happen today, something that should have never happened, something that would change this Eevee's life forever. Luna arrived in the clearing several people had already started to gather. Trainers had set up weird boxes they kept looking into to admire the eclipse... Somehow. Others had weird glasses on and we're looking right at the sun it was tradition she had heard of the humans doing when an eclipse came along, it was like an entire festival.
Didn't anyone tell these people that looking at the sun is going to blind you? Luna thought to herself before continuing her way through the crowd. Lots of people had set out picnics. This one of the reasons wild Pokemon gathered here but not Luna! She planned to steal one of the humans tools and watch the eclipse with them. Luna just needed to figure out who to steal the equipment from... She set her her sights on the weird glasses of a boy with a pikachu. Quietly, she snuck up to their blanket the weird shades were just within reach. reaching a paw out she batted the accessory away from the blanket before picking them up and dashing off as quickly as she could. The Eevee giggled when boy shouted at her clearly wanting the glasses back but she was already gone to far away for even that pikachu to catch up with her.
When she reached the edge of the crowd the Eevee stopped and sat down to examine her prize, only to realize she had no clue how to wear sun glasses.
"Ugh whyyyyy.... all that trouble and I can't even use them" Luna growled in frustration she adjusted herself so she was on her haunches before lifting the glasses to her face and holding them there. It was dark, everything looked as if it was in the dead of night. The Eevee looked up trying to see if they would work even though she couldn't wear them properly. To her joy they did work when she looked up she could see a white glowing dot partly covered by a black mass the eclipse was happening and she was going to see it for the first (and possibly only) time ~CRASH Luna dropped the glasses in surprise only to see a picnic basket fly right pass her, inches from hitting the back of her head, this was followed by several more shouts and crashes. When she turned to see what was going on the Eevee saw three Pokemon raiding the picnics people had set up!
"Hey!! What are you doing!?!?" Luna exclaimed standing up and turning to face a Zoura a Sneazel and a Delibird.
"What does it look like pipsqueak we are crashing this party and takin the goods."the Delibird replied sharply only to receive a wack in the head from the Sneazel.
"WHY can't you just keep that stupid beak of your shut!" The Sneazel snapped "cimon grab and go now because this klutz can't seem to keep his feet nor his beak in line." the Sneazel added angerly before running to make his escape.
"In your dreams thieves try a shadowball on for size!" the Eevee snapped before sending a ball of darkness at the Sneazel. He clearly had quick reflexes because he whipped around and countered it with an ice punch.
"Well someone has a bone to pick with us I'm I right?" He said out loud without waiting for an answer he then said "alright princess here's the deal let us do our thing and I wont kill you." Luna took a step back suddenly feeling fear creeping through her veins. d-did I hear that right..?
"you heard me right I won't hesitate to end you right here and right now am I right boys." he said giving Luna a menacing look the Delibird and Zoura nodded in confirmation.
Luna hesitated but launched another shadowball this time aimed at the Delibird seconds after Luna was met with a flurry of fury swipes backed up by another shadowball sending her flying backwards WAM! she was hit in the head by a box the Delibird had used present and of course with her luck in was harmful, really harmful the Eevee got up shakily before using phybeam on the Zoura he dodged it easily. So far only one of her attacks have hit and that was on the Delibird. This time the Sneazel sent an icebeam her way. She jumped, it hit her back paws freezing them. When she landed she slipped, face planting into the ground she tried to get up but the frozen paws left her unable to do so. She glanced at her frozen paws and slammed one into the ground in an attempt to break the ice that kept her from getting up. It was too thick, the ice didn't budge.
"Nighty night loser!" a voice said from above her. She could hear the sound of the Sneazel charging a final flurry of ice punches but they never came. Instead, there was a whirl of wind, a bang and a yell of shock.
"PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE!" a voice yelled. It was the pikachu from before his tail was silver, indicating he had used irontail on the Sneazel, the Dark and Ice type groaned, lifting his head from the ground before snickering "And I suppose YOUR any different?"
"Pikachu thunderbolt" the trainer of the pikachu commanded.
"No but now the battlefield is more level" the pikachu responded before abiding to his trainers command. Sneazel had no time to react and was hit once again by his attack. Luna bashed her foot onto the ground once again this time the ice cracked. She did this once more and it broke. standing up, she looked around for the Zoura and Delibird only to find they were engaged in battle with a girl and her piplup and a dude with a swudowoodo.
"Pika!!!" The pikachu flew past her thrown back by Sneazel's ice punch. The pikachu quickly turned himself onto his feet and landed perfectly. before launching into a Voltackle aimed for Sneazel. He was about to dodge left, towards Luna, Luna reared up briefly before running at the Sneazel Avoiding the remaining frozen foot, she jumped at him her paw becoming enveloped in a dark aura she used shadowclaw on the the bandit leader, knocking him back into pikachu's voltackle sending him flying into oblivion closely followed by his friends.
"YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!" Sneazel yelled back as he was blown who knows where.
"Ha! Serves you right!" Luna said standing tall her fluffy Eevee tail wagging behind her as she smashed the remaining ice on her foot to peices with a single stamp. Thats when it happened, the eclipse aligned perfectly, she began to glow growing slightly taller her fluffy tail became longer forking at the end. The fluffiness was gone, she was evolving in to an Espeon~ or so that was what everyone thought until the features of her ears began to form.
Only one formed to match an espeon's, fluff and all, the other however formed into an the shape of an umbreon's with the matching fluff as the other side. When the glow dispersed something shocking was left in place of the Eevee that she once was.
From one side the creature looked like a normal Espeon, with the exception for the ring patterns along her tail and upper front and back legs but from the other side she looked like an Umbreon with the exception of the Espeon tail and tuft near her ear.
The line where these two sides met were wave patterns that neatly crossed onto each side almost like flames. Half of the gem espeon normally had on their forehead was half intact, met instead with half of the ring umbreon normally had. The right side had a purple eye with a white pupil to go along with the espeon features while the other side had umbreon's red eye with a black slilted pupil umbreon on normally bears.
It was a stunning sight normally in order to evolve into an Espeon an Eevee needed evolve during the day in the light of the sun while to evolve into an Umbreon an Eevee would need to be in the presence of the moon typically this would happen at night. In this case Luna was in the presence of both the sun and moon causing a clash with the evolution forcing her to become an Espeon and Umbreon hybrid. Luna looked around at the faces of shock and awe in confusion
"what's with the weird looks what it something I said.... Wait I evolved didn't I, what did I evolve into?
She asked excitedly not realizing she had evolved into something much more than she expected.
"Um you evolved into.... umm I don't know..." The pikachu replied the look of awe turning into confusion.
"What do you mean you don't know...?" Luna asked with a slight more panic in her tone did something go wrong was she scary what was wrong Luna began to panic.
"Hey don't worry you look awesome... It's just know one would ever expect you to evolve to um whatever you are, you look like... An Espeon... But you also look like an Umbreon..." The pikachu quickly responded sensing Luna's panic.
"What...? Um... Erm.... I'll see you later nice meeting you thanks for helping me out maybe we will see each other again (I doubt it to be honest)" Luna responded quietly before turning and running off she wanted to get out of there she needed to see what had happened.
"Hey wait~" but it was too late she ran out of the clearing and back into the forest.
Luna's life has changed forever no longer was she an Eevee nor was she any of the Eeveelutions. She was something else entirely. She was two Pokemon yet one. She was not an Espeon nor and Umbreon but she was an Umspeon...

This my friends, was how Luna had came to be.....
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