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Pokemon Trainer Stories: Ruby's Story

by Noyeh Kaguya

Noyeh Kaguya
Ruby is a Trainer from the Johto region. He moves with his mother to Hoenn to live closer to his father Norman, the Gym Leader of Petalburg City. Despite being a Gym Leader's son, Ruby hates battling and prefers Pokémon Contests.

Ruby began his story as a vain and condescending young man who did have a good heart deep down inside. He arrived in Hoenn on his eleventh birthday, and ran away from his new home since he thought Norman would not endorse his choice to be a Pokémon Coordinator. This was initially true, but Norman had decided to let Ruby become a Coordinator at this point.

After running away, he met Sapphire, the daughter of Professor Birch. They made a bet with each other: they would both travel around Hoenn, each trying to achieve their respective goals in eighty days (he would try to win every Contest and she would try to win all eight Badges).

His first three Pokémon are Nana (a Poochyena), Kiki (a Skitty), and Rara (a Ralts). He lends Rara to Wally, but due to an earthquake which separates them, he did not get her back until much later on. He also had Feefee (a Feebas), Fofo (a Castform), and Mumu (a Mudkip). It is revealed that Ruby also owned a Celebi that he came across in Johto.

Ruby may dislike Pokémon Battles, but he is in fact an extremely capable Pokémon Trainer in his own right, possibly as strong as or even stronger than Sapphire is. At the age of six, he actually liked climbing trees and battling Pokémon. However, when he injured himself while protecting a girl from a Salamence, the girl became frightened and cried. Ruby assumed at the time that the reason the girl was scared was because he fought too fiercely and too wildly. From that day onwards, he tried not to battle, only resorting to it when no one else was watching him or he has no other choice.

It is revealed later that Ruby likes Sapphire and she was the girl who Ruby had rescued, though neither of them recognized the other when they met at the beginning of they're journey. Ruby realizes her identity when she reminisces the event, and reveals his identity to her by showing her a scar on his forehead, which he sustained while holding off a wild Salamence.​