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Ruby and Guilmon

by NerdyNinja

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NerdyNinja Name:Ruby rose
Digivice:Red and Black fusion Loader

Bio: Ruby is the youngest team member of RWBY, but she is the leader. you can best define Ruby as being “innocent” and still a “little sister.” Most of Ruby's personality is shown through her childish nature, as well as her fighting style. She is shown to be impulsive, naïve, and innocent, but when necessary, she can be serious and dependable.
Ruby was the one wh found the strange portal during a mission to gather herbs and plant species, Team RWBY got four strange devices, one a color for each of them, almost like someone left them there for them to find. But ruby found this ridicoulous as she would well know that nobody ould be dumb enough to travel into a forest with thousands of Grimm, un weaponed at that, and just leave four things on the ground. But if that was true, Ruby didn't want to steal from someone. But before she put it back, a strange portal opened and tookthe four huntresses to a new world...
When ruby awoke, she saw she was now in a town, populated by allknids of mosters, Ruby thought that maybe they're evil, but they didn't seem like any grimm she had seen before. that's when she smelled the delicous odor of food. She followed her nose and found a resteraunt full of monsters. She accidently bumped into a big red lizard creature, with yellow eyes, sharp claws, and strange markings.
"Oh! Me sorry"! The creature said.
That's when Ruby freaked, it talked! Ruby was now sure they weren't Grimm, bcause Grimm don't talk and even if they did, she didn't think they would apologize for bumping into you.
The creature introduced himself as Guilmon, then he asked ruby if she wanted something to eat. Ruby was hungry, and it did smell good, so she agreed. guilmon took out a small backpack and took out some warm rolls, and a huge piece of bread that looked like him.
"My friend Takatomon maeks bread at his house", Guilmon said.
Ruby was a little confused and asked who takato was.
"Takato like you," Guilmon said.
"He's a human, but he's my best friend"!
Ruby was surprised at the answer, there are more people? maybe she can try to find them and ask if they'd seen her friends. After they finished eating, Ruby decided to leave, She noticed that Guilmon was following her.
"Why are you leaving"? he asked. Ruby told him that she had to find her friends, they might be in town somewhere, and she wanted to find them as quick as she could. She noticed Guimon was staring intensely at something, he gave a low growl, and his eyes changed angerly, like a dog sensing an intruder. He pushed her out of the just in time, a huge fireball just missed them. Ruby soon saw the attacker. it was another monster, this one was bigger, it almost resembled a rhino, it had a black armor layer arond it's white body and huge horn. It looked like it was going to charge them.
"Monochromon! Run"! Guilmon said running with ruby, the Monochromon started o catch up to them. Ruy decided to try and combat the beast. She took out Crescent Rose and tried to attack, but it did nothing of harm. Guilmon shot a fireball at the large creature. but it shot another fire ball right back at him.
"You got to get up"! Ruby cried as the monochromon started to charge again. Then, Ruby's device glowed a bright goldencolor, and a symbol that said "Evolution" appeared. the light shone over Guilmon, and Guilmon digivoved into a huge mecha version of himself, he had two metal claws, an rocket buncker on each side, and a metal mask, forming around his jaw. he was now WarGrowlmon! WarGrowlmon shot a hug red beam and destoryed monochrmon with ease, Ruby was amazed by the creature's new power. He then turned back into guilmon.
"How did you do that"!? She asked in awe.
"I digivolved, Takato helped me do it all the time",Guilmon said cheerfully.
"If he was your partner beforehand, and I did it somehow, does that mean we're partners now"? she asked.
"I think so". Guilmon replied,
so ruby decided to partner up with Guilmon and try to find her friends, and if any monsters showed up, they had Wargrowlmon to help...
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