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Pokesonas: Roze

by Il Fantasma

Il Fantasma Okay, this is my last Pokesona: Roze the Banette! I promise I won't make any more! I might start taking recolor requests, though...

Doing this is actually a fun recovery activity! :D

EDIT: I'm adding forms for all my Pokesonas! I'll finish them when I can!

Name: Roze
Gender: female
Species: Banette
Sexuality: questioning
Human Age: 19 years
Ability: Frisk
Level: 64
Nature: sassy
Moves: Phantom Force, Snatch, Astonish, Pursuit
Personality: sarcastic, quirky, distinguished
Likes: bitter foods, long walks, shopping
Dislikes: sweet foods, any other exercise (that isn't walking), any rudeness directed at her (but it's fine if she's the rude one, of course)
Dream Job: Pokemon ranger

Credit for the original sprite goes to the Pokemon Company