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Clash of Code: Roy vs Nylocke! (Fire Emblem vs TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise)

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma What happens when you give an awesome hero and awesome sword? But not just any awesome sword - an awesome ELEMENTAL sword! It’s the sixth anniversary of TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise today, so Nylocke just HAD to be here! And what complement’s a Dragon’s Ice better than a Knight’s Fire? Can Roy burn through the Cold Steel? Or will the Master of Ice reign victorious? Draw your blades, and let’s find out…

In Clash of Code, two fighters from across the gaming universe will be pitted against each other in a no-holds-barred death battle. All moves, skills, attributes and powers will be taken from their respective game franchises. (And from fighting game spinoffs, if they exist.) Partners in Coding: @SismicFlareCharmander, @Mewtwofan259, @Lord Of Pain, @Il Fantasma
IT IS AN EXTREMELY SPECIAL OCCASION! Today is an extremely important day for fans of TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise - specifically, it’s the anniversary of the launch date of the first episode on Newgrounds! 11/11/11 specifically. If you’ve never seen TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise, then go do yourself a favor and watch it right here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list:pLIthb_HwSFaERKEPc01Lxnht4B6I5igQE. We can definitely nerd-speak about TOME. (Also check out the game.) But anyways! Today is TOME’s sixth anniversary, which makes this a momentous occasion. And lo and behold, this battle comes up just in time for it!

Sismic: Swords and elements. What’s not to love?
Fanta: Fire and ice, when they collide! Things usually don’t end well…
Eeveechu: Screw it, we’re doing this anyways! In the name of the great Chris Niosi, we hold this battle!
Mewtwo: Roy, the Young Lion, son of Eliwood and wielder of the Binding Blade.
Pain: And Nylocke, the Dragon of the Cold Steel, Master of the Terrain, Dragon of Helping Those in Need, Dragon of the Rolling Credits, Master of Awkward Moments, Master of Perfectly Cited Opening Narrations… jesus, how many titles does this guy have?!
Sismic: I'm @SismicFlareCharmander, and these folks are @Eeveechu151, @Lord Of Pain, @Il Fantasma, and @Mewtwofan259.
Eeveechu: Today, we'll be pitting these two against each other in a fight to the finish. An end-all battle. A Clash of Code.

Eeveechu: Long ago, there was a great Warrior, one who saved the land of Pherae from a powerful and demented evil. This warrior’s name was Eliwood.
Mewtwo: But we’re not here to talk about him.
Sismic: Eliwood and either Ninian, Lyndis, Fiora, or some other woman had a son. (Fire Emblem lore is really weird.)
Pain: This son was destined to follow the family bloodline and become a great warrior, just like his father. Or possibly his mother, depending on which path you take. And thus, Roy, the next savior of the nearby Elibe was born.
Fanta: When Roy was only 15 years old, he was called back from his abroad studies to lead Pherae’s armies in war.
Mewtwo: But the heir to the throne of the nation Bern had escaped her land in hopes of negotiating a peace treaty with Lycian nobility. Roy agrees to help, so Bern can stop its aggression towards its neighboring nations.
Eeveechu: On this quest, Roy and the armies get caught up in another war. This one between the Dragons and the humans. From this point on, Roy took an Oath to protect the princess, and began his path to finding the 8 legendary weapons of Elibe and saving the entire continent.
Pain: Holy cow! This guy is 15?! At this point, he would be a Freshman in High School!
Sismic: While Roy might be young, he is one of the strongest characters in the entire series. He was able to draw the Binding Blade, which is his usual weapon of choice.
Fanta: The Binding Blade, as its name implies, binds to the wearer if it deems it worthy. We already had a battle with characters like that! But this Binding Blade is what makes Roy so powerful.
Pain: In every incarnation, this sword will buff Roy’s Defense and his Resistance. It blazes with flames whenever a critical hit is dealt, and it is said to be stronger than even the legendary weapons of Elibe.
Eeveechu: Because of these Flames, Roy can fight in both up close and ranged situations. Roy has adopted an Acrobatic style, aiming to out-maneuver the opponent and strike whenever he has a chance.
Mewtwo: The sword can also be….. Eaten to restore 400 HP. Did we mention this series is weird?
Eeveechu: Because of Awakening and Fates, it now has the nickname of Waifu Emblem. As a member of the community, I can safely say this series is weird. But for reference, I’m like 99% sure that Roy absorbs the flames from the blade to regen his health. ...which is just barely not as weird.
Fanta: The Binding Blade is even said to be able to defeat Gods. But Roy has other abilities. Such as the ability to… shove an ally… How do you explain THAT one, John?
Eeveechu: Two people move back-to-back. Bam, explained.
Fanta: It just gets weirder and weirder…
Pain: Roy even has a one time Seal which can lower an enemy’s Defense by 7, yes, 7 after they attack.
Sismic: I don’t know why you would want them, but Roy has other weapons, such as the Blazing Durandal, which will boost Roy’s Attack by 3 if his base attack is stronger than his opponent.
Mewtwo: There’s also Astra, which boosts his attack by 1 and ½ times more, and lastly, Steady Blow 2, which will raise Roy’s defense and speed by 4 if he initiates the fight.
Eeveechu: Roy is a Master Lord, and has successfully led a revolution to defeat the dragons. He’s taken down King Zephiel, Jahn, and the Dragon Lord themselves, Idunn.
Tom: And if you compare Idunn’s height, width, and depth, you can assume that they are about 900 Cubic Meters, (12 Feet by 15 feet by 5 Feet.) When looking at the density of Komodo Dragon Scales, I can tell you that taking out Idunn would require 972000 pounds of force and about 10500 Degrees Farenheight.
Pain: Roy is one of the greatest warriors in the entire franchise, and it’s easy to see why the Binding Blade chose him.
Roy: Watashi wa jinrui no shinkō o motte imasu. Watashi wa kare no hitobito no shinkō o ushinatte mo, jibunjishin'no hito o ushinau koto wa arimasen!
Eeveechu: Oh, uh, we may need you to translate, Penny.
Penny: TRANSLATION - “I have faith in mankind. I will not lose to a man who lost faith in his people and even himself!”

Mewtwo: Jesus, he’s so… big!
Penny: He’s quite tall, yes.
Eeveechu: ...true TOME fans will get the joke.
Fanta: Hailing from Knutsford, England, a certain player came across an incredible game developed by Netking Software and produced by Plan.NET - TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise, a game with an incredibly realistic sense of life and extremely advanced VR tech. Curious, he decided to try out the game for himself. Imagine his surprise when, upon entering the game, he discovered that he was the 1,111,111th player ever registered in TOME, winning him a special prize - specifically, a special skin created by Rubirules, game developer and lead character designer, himself. The man took this prize, creating a heart and soul for this character. And thus was born… N-
Fanta: Nyargawat?! *falls over*
Eeveechu: Oh yeah, I forgot. I invited Nylocke here. All I did was ask him about it at https://twitter.com/OfficialNylocke (Nylocke of TOME (@OfficialNylocke) on Twitter).
Nylocke: NYLOCKE! MASTER OF HAVING A TWITTER ACCOUNT! Alas, I have done much since first joining the Terrain of Magical Expertise. I have had many hardships and trials, and faced off against many devious foes.
Pain: Such as Granda, Demonking, Serpentine, Roccoon, Zetto, Kizuna, Odboll, Rubirules and the devious Tigerlily.
Nylocke: Ah yes, the foul beast that brought out such dark stipulations within Sir Alpha! But anon, do not forget about the hideous Forbidden Power!
Mewtwo: Nylocke’s main power stems from his Ice Blade and the powerful magic that comes from it. His Cold Steel attacks send ice shards flying at his foes, his Stalagmite Storm creates stalagmites that come up from the ground and his White Wind is a powerful frost attack that can freeze an enemy solid. His Ice Sword is also equipped with the Drain Edge, which absorbs enemy attacks and returns them with either partial energy in the form of a shockwave or full You energy in the form of a laser beam similar to Zetto’s Breaker Beam. It’s capable of absorbing almost any form of energy, as it proved when it absorbed the Forbidden Power in Episode 10. It also allows knockback to be reduced, as proven when Asterob barely moved with a similar weapon - the Drain Shield - when faced with an all-out offensive from both Nylocke and Kirbopher in Episode 2 Nylocke also possesses flight capability, as shown by his infamous “NYLOCKE, MASTER/DRAGON OF” moments and his LITERAL FLIGHT TO THE HEAVENS at the end of the Gemini Tournament.
Eeveechu: However, that’s not all. Nylocke’s character model actually contains the core of the Dragon Bug, the ultimate anti-virus. Nylocke is able to tap into this power to increase the strength of his attacks. Said increase in power was used with his White Wind to almost fracture Tigerlily’s armor in Episode 6.
Tom: A feat that, for reference, would require almost 1749.6 Pounds of force to do. I say almost because Nylocke failed to destroy the armor, but almost did.
Sismic: Alright, we’re moving onto feats now. Nylocke made it to the finals of the Gemini Tournament, a massive competition between the players of TOME. In the final round, he faced off against Zetto, and took a hit from his Breaker Beam. Said Breaker Beam is at least 200,000 pounds of pure laser energy! He is also able to dodge Tigerlily’s attack on him and Gamecrazed with only a second of warning from GC in Episode 6. Tigerlily jumped from the moon down to Earth in about 5 seconds.
Tom: The moon is 238,900 miles away from Earth. That divided by 5 equals 47780 Miles per SECOND. Hacker or not, Nylocke can dodge THAT.
Penny: Therefore, Nylocke has an extremely high reaction time, being able to dodge that with, what, milliseconds to think?
Fanta: But that’s not nearly as impressive as his later feat! In Episode 14, Odboll had a massive ball that he used as his command center when Alpha, Flamegirl, Nylocke and Neomutant attempted to invade the hacker stronghold. At one point, Odboll retreats into the shell and sends it rolling straight towards Nylocke. Nylocke actually manages to not only hold out against the shell, but send it flying back into the air! Tom?
Tom: A feat which would require 800953.4069 pounds of force. And, Alas, no one else would even CARE about this knowledge. But I do, and I waste hours of my life calculating this stuff, for I am... TOM, CALCULATOR OF DOING BORING GEOLOGY AND BORING MATH THAT YOU BETTER DAMN WELL APPRECIATE!
Nylocke: Aha, appreciate it we do, good squire. Yet such a feat was nothing for Nylocke, Dragon of Withstanding Massive Balls!
Fanta: ...mmmmmight wanna rephrase that…
Eeveechu: All in all, Nylocke is one of TOME’s most powerful - and noble - warriors.
Nylocke: You may have imagined my physical body, but the heart and soul within it… are my own.
Rubirules: You CANNOT believe you actually ARE that character! I MADE you! I OWN you.
Nylocke: NAY! I made my own self! I AM…! *slash* Nylocke. Dragon of the Cold Steel.

Mewtwo: Alright, the contenders are set!
Pain: From Lycia and from the Terrain of Magical Expertise!
Sismic: It’s time for a Clash of Code!

11:11 PM - 11/11/21 - ;lavendera
Nylocke jumped out of the way of the Orion Shield, smacking back a second one. “Nyah ha! Your offensive is strong, Sir Alpha, but it will take more than that to strike down… NYLOCKE, MASTER OF DODGING SPINNING SHIELDS!” Nylocke said with a smile, soaring up into the air as he gave himself a new title.
“Heh heh, sure.” Alpha said with a smile, catching the deflected Orion Shield. “Then how about we switch it u-”
Before Alpha could finish, a fiery blade lit up behind Alpha. The player had little time to react before the sword came crashing down, destroying him in a powerful explosion. “LOSE” floated in the air above where he had just been.
“S-Sir Alpha!” Nylocke shouted, shocked. “Who is this foul warrior that would strike down my noble comrade?! Show thyself!”
“Kono basho, Zefiru no shimo be to wa nanidesu ka? Doko de watashi o satsuei shite kimashita?!” Roy said, pointing his blade at Nylocke.
Penny: TRANSLATION: “What is this place, servant of Zephiel? Where did you bring me?!”
“...I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t understand this language of yours…” Nylocke responded. “Nevertheless, I shall strike you down for your foul transgressions against Sir Alpha! En guarde!” Nylocke then steadied his blade, dashing towards Roy.
Fanta: A song for fire and ice!
Eeveechu: BATTLE - ON
Roy took the Binding Blade and blocked Nylocke’s Incoming Strike, before kicking Nylocke in the stomach and knocking them backwards. Nylocke quickly got back up and grunted at Roy, who shot a beam of fire towards Nylocke. Nylocke jumped away, before shooting out ice shards from his blade. Roy took them out mid-air, before Nylocke backflipped over Roy and knocked him down to his knees.
“Foul character, I’ll give you one chance to back away before I strike you down!” Nylocke said, getting in a stance with his sword. Roy gripped his blade and stood back up, looking Nylocke straight in the eyes.
“Very well.” Nylocke remarked. He took a few steps forward towards Roy.
“You may be skilled, but I have something better…” Nylocke chuckles before jumping up into the air and slamming back down into the ground. Ice stalagmites popped up, heading towards Roy. He took his blade and swung it down, creating fire that melted the stalagmites.
“Impressive. But you are no match for… NYLOCKE! MASTER OF-” Nylocke was cut off during his gloating when Roy launched another beam of fire at him. Nylocke ducked out of the way, angry at Roy.
“Anata ga izen ni tatakatta koto ga aru no ka dō ka wa wakarimasen ga, tsūjō wa kore hodo hanashi ga arimasen.” Roy yelled, before leaping forward.
Penny: TRANSLATION - "I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a fight before, but there’s usually not this much talking!"
Roy activated his Astra seal, boosting his attack, before he rushed forward and swung at Nylocke. Nylocke ducked and rolled out of the way, and Roy landed on his feet. Roy then started to run circles around Nylocke. Nylocke became confused, so he held his sword high into the air and caused and icy blast, which he shot at Roy. He was able to see it coming in time and jumped out of the way, but this gave Nylocke time to strike. While Roy was distracted, Nylocke charged and stabbed Roy through the chest with his blade, puncturing the armor. Roy collapsed, still gripping his sword. Nylocke stood over Roy’s body in triumph.
“This is what happens when you mess with… NYLOCKE! MASTER OF TAKING DOWN FOUL BACK ATTACKERS!” Nylocke screamed as he jumped high into the air, floating back down. Roy clutched his blade, even still, and began to absorb the flames that came out of it. Roy stood up and dropped the Binding Blade, it deprived of its power, and equipped the Blazing Durandal. Nylocke turned around and joked.
“You’re still going, Black Knight? Very well then.” Nylocke chuckled, but Roy deployed a seal, which cut Nylocke’s Defense. Nylocke felt drained, and he looked at Roy, fearful.
“What… did you do to me?!” Nylocke called out. Roy ran towards Nylocke, but he flew up into the air before he charged up an ice blast. Nylocke shot many shards toward Roy, who just jumped out of the way and stared. Nylocke shot out a big shock wave, which cracked Roy’s armor and made him drop to the ground. Nylocke then flew back towards Roy. Roy jumped up and delivered a huge punch, backed by G-Force, which hurt Nylocke and knocked him down. Nylocke breathed heavily, before he equipped the Drain Edge on his Ice Sword. Roy grabbed Nylocke by the collar and lifted him up, before throwing him as hard as he could onto the ground. Nylocke pushed up and flew into the air, flying in circles around Roy and shooting Ice Shards at him, which Roy dodged all of. But one of them caught Roy off guard and he stumbled, before Nylocke flew down and kicked Roy, knocking him down.
Roy got on his knees and looked up, seeing Nylocke hovering just a few feet in front of him. Roy started breathing heavy, before getting up again and drawing his blade.
“Even after all this, you’re still fighting. I admire that.” Nylocke smirked. He then charged up and flew towards Roy. Roy jumped through the air, and he slashed with the Blazing Durandai. It split Nylocke’s sword clean in half. Nylocke fell out of the air and slammed into the ground, skidding against the hard pavement. He looked up with disbelief as Roy broke a Smash Ball and his sword, as well as the rest of his body, glowed rainbow. Roy rushed forward as fast as he could and struck Nylocke with the blade. A critical hit. Nylocke was blasted about a hundred feet, and lay on the ground, injured. Roy walked over to Nylocke, ready to deal the final blow. But what was left of Nylocke’s sword began to grow, expanding back into a sword. The Drain Edge had been activated.
Roy swung, but his blade was blocked by Nylocke’s sword. Nylocke stood up.
“Now listen here.” Nylocke said, floating up. “After such an unfair victory against Sir Alpha, you are not worthy of being able to strike me down. And I will not stand for it! For I am NYLOCKE, DRAGON OF THE COLD STEEL! AND I SHALL NOT LOSE TO ONE SUCH AS YOU!” As a dragon appeared behind him, Nylocke swung his sword, firing off a powerful blast of ice and wind, freezing Roy solid. Nylocke then floated down and stabbed forwards, releasing the full energy absorbed by the Drain Edge to destroy Roy entirely.
“NYLOCKE! MASTER OF OVERCOMING FIERY SWORDSMAN!” Nylocke shouted, as Alpha logged back in and ran over.
In real life, Roy threw off his headset and crushed it with the Binding Blade.

Sismic: Fire is still cooler than ice.
Eeveechu: Anyways, Nylocke is the winner of this battle. We should probably get to why. There’s a multitude of reasons, one main one being that Nylocke had almost complete control over the battlefield with his flight and reaction time.
Fanta: Another is that Roy simply had nothing to counter Nylocke’s most powerful attacks. And another still is that Nylocke is simply the better warrior, and had a ton of advantages over Roy. The chart, Penny?
Penny: Right away!
Pain: Nylocke was able to hold off against a giant wrecking ball, while Roy can be killed by a gust of wind. (Magical wind, but still.) Nylocke can dodge Tigerlily coming from him by the moon, and Roy can be hit by a slow-moving axe. Roy’s magic is nothing compared to Nylocke’s, and the Drain Edge far outclasses anything Roy could have in terms of arsenal.
Tom: Math also comes into play here. While, granted, the Dragon feat with Roy was stronger than anything Nylocke ever did, Strength doesn’t matter here. Nylocke lifted Odboll by himself while Roy needed help to defeat Idunn. Also, because it only takes about 1700 pounds of force to break the strongest bone in the body, a concentrated hit from Nylocke could kill Roy… Also, Penny, I’m sorry for how I acted last time.
Penny: Aw, it’s all cool.
Mewtwo: Point is, Nylocke is far superior to Roy. And to think - TOME is built to bring out only balanced characters!
Eeveechu: Hey, if everyone’s OP, no one is OP.
Fanta: Archy exists.
Eeveechu: ...well if everyone but Archy is OP, then no one is OP.
Pain: Looks like Roy couldn’t slay this dragon.
Eeveechu: The winner is-

Technology can do some scary things. It can create weapons of ultimate destruction, and transform flesh and blood into something more. Alien tech gives Victor Stone an advanced battlesuit and weaponry, but can it overcome the Masked Man…?​

Special thanks: @Lord Of Pain, @Mewtwofan259, @Il Fantasma and @SismicFlareCharmander for helping with this episode, Trenton again for helping me write the battle, and Ben Singer and Chad James for inspiring the series with your awesome Death Battle show!

Make sure to stay tuned for Clash of Code’s sister series, Mewtwofan259’s Death Battle!: http://pokecharms.com/series/death-battle.47/
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