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Pokemon Lapis And Lazuli: Route 22!

by Sylvious

Lapis Was Underleveled. So she went to Route 22. *A Pokemon Pushed Pikachu*
"Hey! Pikachu Thunder Shock!" Lapis Said.
"Pika...... CHU!!!!!!!!" Pikachu Said.
*Lightning Came Out Of Pikachu's Cheeks. Hurting The Pokemon.*
"RATTATA!" The Pokemon Said.
"Rattata? Lets see... Pokedex." Lapis Said.
'Rattata, The Normal Type Pokemon. Bites anything when it attacks. Small and very quick, it is a common sight in many places." Lapis Pokedex Said.
"Oh. THUNDER SHOCK!" Lapis Said.
*The Rattata Fainted.*
"Okay, Pikachu. Lets train some more in this grass." Lapis Said.
*A Pokemon Jumps Out Of The Grass.*
"Spearow!" The Pokemon Said.
"Pokedex. What is this pokemon?" Lapis Said.
"Spearow. The Normal And Flying Type Pokemon. Eats bugs in grassy areas. It has to flap its short wings at high speed to stay airborne." Lapis Pokedex Said.
"Spearow, Huh? Lets catch it! Thunder Shock!" Lapis Said.
"Pika...... CHU!" Pikachu Said.
*Pikachu Used Thunder Shock. Making The Spearow ALMOST Faint.*
"Okay. Pokeball." Lapis Said. Looking at the pokeball.
"Go!" Lapis Said.
*Lapis Throws The Pokeball. Tik. Tak. Tik. Tak. Tik. Tak. BOOM! Spearow Is Caught!*
"Yes! I caught a Spearow!" Lapis Said.
"Oh hey! Now.. Lets have a battle. Losing the first time. I want a rematch! Piplup.... GO!" Lazuli Said.
*The Pokeball Opened.*
"Okay... Pikachu lets go! Thunder Shock!" Lapis Said.
"Uh oh. BUBBLE!" Lazuli Said.
*Thunder Came Around Piplup. Hurting Piplup. Piplup Was Looking All Around The Thunder. Making It Faint.*
"Yes!" Lapis Said.
"You won... Again." Lazuli Said.
"Cya!" Lapis Said.
Lapis Runs To Route 2.