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Rocket Base Advenchas!: Rocket Base Advenchas! Chapter One, Perspective: Blue

by Cloudswift

Cloudswift So, in this story, Blue and Red got kidnapped by Team Rocket! Le Gasp! Fortunately, they have a friend: Leaf! This is the first chapter, obviously.
I wake up on a hard and uncomfortable mattress. “Oww,” I moan, rubbing my back. It’s the second day I’ve been here, at least according to the Rockets that guard my cell. The whole room is empty, except for a door leading to a super small bathroom. That, and this disgusting bed. It reeks of mold and it’s colored blue, a sick joke from the Rockets. It’s been three years since Leaf, Red, and I took down Team Rocket and their leader Giovanni. Leaf. Red. Their names make me sick with anger. Oh, no. Not at them. No, I’m angry at the Rockets and Giovanni. They kidnapped Red and me, leaving Leaf to try to rescue us. She’s probably scared half to Lavender Town right now. This is part of Giovanni’s game. To try and make as much pain and suffering as possible.

I clench my fist, sit up, and pound it on the concrete wall. This hurts, but it also lets me know that I’m alive. I slide off the prison-style bed, which they probably stole from a jail somewhere and which hangs from the side of the wall by chains, and throw the stupid blue blanket on the floor. There is a blond, female grunt standing outside my cell. Rebekah. I relax a little. Rebekah’s different than the other Rockets. She was forced to join when Giovanni threatened to hurt her family. She turns, having heard me get out of bed. “Hey, Blue,” she says. Unlike the other grunts, her grin is kind. Most of the Rockets sneer at me and make remarks about how I took them down three years ago, and now they captured me. I nod back at her. She grins. “Breakfast,” she says, and passes something to me through the bars. It doesn’t look edible, and I make a face. Rebekah sighs. “You need to eat something.”

“Well, I’m not eating this,” I retort.

Rebekah sighs again. She looks to her left and to her right to make sure no one else is around. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a Rage Candy bar. “Here,” she whispers and passes the sweet through the bars. I grab it and quickly eat the chocolate.

“Thanks,” I say. I pitch the nasty glob that was intended to be my breakfast. It lands in the trash in the corner with a splat. “Oh, that’s reassuring,” I say snarkily. “What’s Giovanni trying to feed me this time, Muk sludge?” I remember that that poor excuse for a human being took my Pokemon and my face takes on a scowl. Knowing better than to make me madder than I already am, Rebekah stays quiet.

The day goes on without much change. Rebekah’s shift ends, and a more snide grunt takes her place. He pretty much just harrasses me for getting caught. To which I restrain myself from singing “Ignorance”. I snap when he says something about how Giovanni’s going to do something to Red. I pick up a spoon from the trash, a remnant of a meal I never ate, and chuck it at him. He opens the cell to get in and do something, probably slap me, and I take the opportunity and bolt. The Grunt shouts something that probably shouldn’t be repeated and chases me, calling for backup.

“The prisoner’s escaped!” He yells, and more Rockets join the fray. I look back to see my pursuers. A dozen Grunts are chasing me, and more are adding to that number.

“Shoot,” I mutter under my breath. I turn around to see where I’m going. It’s just a straight hallway from here, and there’s the exit at the end of the hallway. Finally, I think as I pick up the pace. I’m huffing and puffing, but I’m almost there. Freedom is within ten yards away. And I’m out! I look around. An anxious looking store clerk is sitting behind a desk. I run outside. I’m in a town that I’ve never seen before. I run. The Rockets are still chasing me, but they’re slowing down. Just because it’s my trademark thing to do, I look back and shout, “Smell ya later!” I run to the North. The sign says Lake of Rage. How ironic. I speed through the gate to see a man with pink hair talking to a kid in a backwards baseball hat and a red jacket. I run to them. By now, I’m panting heavily. They’re both surprised.

“Uh, hello, Trainer! How can I help you?” The pink haired guy says.

“Hey, I can help too, you know!” The kid protests.

“Team Rocket--Red--My Pokemon-” I’m trying to explain, but it just won’t fit together, and I’m panting like crazy. The kid sighs.

“Take it easy,” he says, and pats my back.

“I can’t!” I say. “I think I can explain now. I’m Blue, from the Kanto region. Team Rocket kidnapped me and my friend Red. Ya know, the Kanto Champion? Yeah. Anyways, they stole my XTransceiver and my Pokemon, and I just escaped. Red and our Pokemon are still in there! We have to help him!” I finish, for the first time in my life pleading. “Please!”

“Don’t worry. I, Dragon Master Lance, will save your friend and Pokemon!” The pink haired guy says, swishing his cloak.

“And I, Pokemon Trainer Gold, will help!” The boy rolls his eyes. “I exist too, you know!”

“Can you two stop arguing and just help me out?!” I exclaim, throwing my hands in the air. Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder, and I pass out. The last thing I see is Gold collapsing on the ground in front of me, a dart sticking out of his shoulder.
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