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Not Pokemon: Robots from Games

by kanarichan

kanarichan Decided I'd post anyway.. sorry for being so inactive here! I just don't know what to do here!
Here's an art update however!
(PS. I drew this today lol! It was just a quick doodle though...)
  1. kanarichan
    v-- on Mettaton's gender discussion, prefer to keep that out of here because I've noticed how messy it can get (and I can get a lil...strong in my rant over it)
    Mettaton is referred to as male in the game, and as for the other spoilers- those are all theories that I would disprove and provide other evidence for anyway. All in all, male pronouns therefore male gender...
    let's keep this a happy place please!~
    Nov 10, 2015
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  2. PennyThePokemon
    mettaton's boy
    when you hear "oh yes"
    Nov 10, 2015
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  3. CombuskenBrazil

    Are you a boy or a girl?
    (LoL, note: this is a spoiler for something I'll post)
    Nov 9, 2015
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