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Aidan's Special Adventure! P.S: w/ Pikachu: Rival's Choice! Part 1

by aidanpkmntraineraidan

aidanpkmntraineraidan The journey continues! As Aidan and Pikachu challenge there rival, this is where they get the special bond and win! Sorry I didn't put it in part 1 :(.
As Aidan and Pikachu continue there journey, they find there rival Kalen and Aidan battles him. Kalen sends out eevee and commands it to use tackle. Critical hit! Pikachu was really in trouble. It was about to tackle it again but I jump in the battle to save Pikachu! Pikachu was surprised that a trainer actually cared about it. So then Pikachu used a powerful, (very powerful!) attack that even looked 10x more powerful than thunderbolt and it made eevee faint. That is when a special bond appeared and soon it would get powerful and more powerful.
  1. aidanpkmntraineraidan
    can anyone please comment?
    Aug 5, 2016