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Rising Star Paige

by Prologue-9

Rising Star Paige.png
Prologue-9 "Born and raised by a couple of ghosts,
Taught me your companions are what matters most.
Together we adventured singin' our song,
Helping people out as we went along.

Nothing I wouldn't do, they're like my family,
My guardians and friends for eternity.
We can razzle, we can dazzle, we can sing and dance,
But it's never been about just making fans...

Sometimes people and Pokemon can get hurt bad,
Just to see it can make the happiest hea-art sad, so
We're going on a journey to ge-et better,
And maybe bring everyone closer together..."

Vivian the Mismagius
Stone Cold the Golurk
Will the (Mega) Scizor
Raltsy the Gardevoir
Ayane the Mewtwo
and Panda the Pangoro
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