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Rising Star Paige

by Prologue-9

[EDIT: Bio updated!]

Born in Johto, herebe Pokémon Trainer Paige and his team, who are more of his family than anything else. Composed of,

Vivian the Mismagius
Stone the Golurk
Will the Scizor
Ayane the Mewtwo
Raltsy the Gardevoir
and Panda the Pangoro.

Paige was raised by Vivian and Stone since he was a toddler, and the two of them have always been his guardians. Will was saved from a frenzying Arcanine during their travels in Johto before leaving for Hoenn, where he received Raltsy as a Ralts as a welcoming gift, and later discovered Ayane as an infant in the wild. Lastly, Panda was met on Ula Ula island while partaking in the island challenge, and she took to protecting Paige and the rest as if they were her own cubs.

Paige is a free spirit, wandering wherever the winds take him. He can be a little ditzy and forgetful at times, but he has a big heart. When he and his team aren't playing together or travelling, he plays the lute and sings. While in Hoenn, his group traveled with a Meloetta named Syren, and often they'd all sing and put on performances wherever they went. Since then she's decided to stay in Iki Town on Melemele Island in Alola, but the rest of the team still enjoys singing along to Paige's tunes - Ayane and Raltsy are dancers. Paige traveled to Alola from Hoenn not only for all the exotic excitement in the region, but also to better his ability as a Pokémon Trainer by partaking in the island challenge.

Vivian and Stone are and always have been Paige's guardians, and their taking on responsibility for him has been just as much a learning experience for them as the journey as a whole has been them all. Vivian has always been a trickster, getting a good laugh out of messing with her friends at every opportunity. Although she can be a tad relentless at times, she cares for the team deeply and would be the first to put her safety on the line if it meant keeping the others out of trouble. Stone can be a bit of an enigma - it can be hard to tell what he's thinking, but his actions are usually for the best. He can be lazy at times and doesn't take too many things seriously, but mess with his crew and you're in for a severe beating.

Will, despite having grown a lot since being rescued as a Scyther back in Johto, is still a little on the scaredy-bug side. He has a problem with confidence and a crippling fear of Fire-type Pokémon (and rightfully so.) Still, with the right motivation from his friends, he can be a fierce fighter, and often surprises himself with what he can do under the right circumstances - especially after Paige discovered his Mega Stone. Will has a love for the great outdoors - he's a sucker for scenery. He enjoys the views from mountaintops and other high areas the most - they make him feel on top of everything, specifically the shortcomings he often struggles with. Despite Raltsy technically being the youngest, Will is more or less the baby of the team.

Ayane is a bit of an anomaly, and is always a brow-raiser when he's seen alongside Paige and the gang. An improper clone of the original, Ayane is nowhere near as powerful as the original Mewtwo was said to have been, but really, he's glad he isn't. Ayane doesn't care as much for battling as he does dressing up and performing alongside Paige and Raltsy in Beauty Contests and the like. He enjoys peaceful reading, music, and meditating - thus making him a prime target for Vivian to bother. Though he isn't very active most of the time, he's very affectionate and self-conscious. He's known to be a little sarcastic and a bit of a diva at times. When it comes time to battle, he tends to push himself a little too hard if he takes something personally, sometimes even against Paige's wishes - this has gotten him hurt before.

Raltsy has always been eager to battle ever since she convinced Paige to let her as a Ralts, and loves little more than showing off. She sees herself as the team's protector, their Iron Maiden. She's shown exceptional prowess in battle compared to other members of the team - partly because she's the most dedicated to it. Learning from Ayane, she taught herself and Vivian to speak via telepathy, which has helped the gang a lot in terms of communication, and helped strengthen the bonds of the group as a whole. Unlike the others, she's relatively innocent like Paige - and asks questions whenever she needs something explained to her.

Panda is the most recent addition to the team. Originally a regular fighter at Clawed Hill, one day she spotted Paige and company getting attacked in the nearby woods. She aided them in warding off their attackers, and after spending some time with them, decided they needed her to keep themselves out of trouble. She's protective over every single one of them, and if someone so much as looks at one of them wrong she'll be the first to glare them down. In stark contrast to Raltsy, she's rowdy, rude, and at times can be generally unpleasant. When it comes to food she eats like a starved Mightyena, and has about as many manners as a newborn has teeth. To her 'cubs' though, she's the best mama bear you'll ever meet. She and Paige put together a special technique called the Rising Shade, a powerful combination of Dark Pulse and Sky Uppercut.
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