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Rise of the Dragons: Rise of the Dragons: Part 2: Here be Dragons. And some other stuff

by SismicFlareCharmander

SismicFlareCharmander Akta learns of the existence of dragons. And that her father is still a jerk.

I do not own anything I used.
Akta opened her eyes. A large, red shape had interposed itself in between her and the raging Orc. "Father?" She wondered. Indeed, as she watched, the thing burnt the orc, until it was nothing but a small pile of ashes. As she watched, in utter silence, it turned. She immediately knew it was not her father. It was a dragon. A small, red, angry dragon. That was one meter away. She was dead. She covered her face with her arms, as the dragon spewed fire. She removed her arms. It hurt, but not as much as she had expected. Then she remembered something she had read in the library: Tieflings had a resistance to fire. Sure, if she did not leave the flames soon, she would die, but for now, she was good. The dragon looked visibly startled, mainly because she was not a pile of ash. It shrugged. It had more important things to do. As it left, another, more human-like form appeared where the dragon was. "You really need to work on your aim." It said. Akta began to frown. She thought her father would have at least been nicer. "Lot of help you gave me back there." She said. "Yes, quite. It is quite surprising, considering Dragons haven't been seen since old Paarthurnax, the dragonslayer." Akta gasped. The information was bizarre. Ole Paarthurnax had been dead for centuries. Her father sighed. "So, you want to save this town? Orc tribes are hard to defeat. I could summon some Imps, but I have a little war down in The Abyss. However, I do know where some ancient power happens to be stored, and there is a clan of outlanders you could recruit." He said. Akta sighed. This was probably the best offer she was going to get.
  1. SismicFlareCharmander
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    Nov 17, 2015