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Rise of the Dragons: Rise of The Dragon: Part 1: Akta

by SismicFlareCharmander

SismicFlareCharmander This story was inspired by several D&D charcters I created. Thus, all of the rules are D&D.

We are introduced to Akta, a Teifling warlock, cursed by her heritage, who must stop bandits from invading her village. But she soon relizes: something odd is happening, and it seems bad.
Akta frowned. In one day, a chair, a chicken, a barstool and a mug of ale had been thrown at her. Of course, Tieflings were shunned because of their Demonic heritage. And so, here she lay, in a nook, with only a cloak and three gold pieces to her name. Then, something awoke her from her slumber: a large bang, somewhere to her right, could be herd. She got up, and saw a singular Orc. Then, it noticed her, but then again, she wasn't making any attempt to be stealthy. It shouted a guttural battle cry, and charged. Akta's instincts screamed 'DUCK!' but she knew that it would not work. So, she did the natural thing: she casted one of her only Pact Magic spell: Chill Touch. However, her lack of magical ability was made obvious, as the skeletal hand created by the spell flew long. She sighed. At least this was a better way to go then starvation. Then she saw one thing. Something that surprised her...
  1. SismicFlareCharmander
    Just something I whipped together. I wrote it on my phone, so yeah.
    Next one should come sometime next week.

    Special thanks to @Eeveechu151 for putting up with my constant banter on the subject (mostly)
    Nov 16, 2015