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Rise of the Alolan Moon

by Eat_Glitter!

Eat_Glitter! Snowbud is just an average, boring, 12-year-old Trainer from Sinnoh. She is always punished, whipped, and threatened by her cruel aunt Marilena from southern Johto. Until one fateful night. The morning she found herself on a beautiful Alolan beach, she realized that leaving her old life behind and starting a fresh life showed that deep down, Sinnoh isn't where she is meant to be.
"Okay, wafflecake, dream small. No one is on your side, and they never will be," Aunt Marilena said to me, as she turned off the light and bolted the door, leaving me to fret through the night. Eventually, I managed to doze off. I dreamed of owning a huge pool, in a huge mansion, making a huge amount of money on a huge beach in the Alola region, like I did every night. Maybe, I thought, Sinnoh is not my true home. The next morning I awakened in the middle of an elephantine beach I've never been to before. I rolled over and doped off again.
Then I heard a girl say to me, "Arise, Snowbuuuuuud. The time has come." I quickly got up and blurted, "How did you know my name, Cloverdust?!" She giggled, "And how did you know mine?!" I asked, "Um, Cloverdust? Where am I?" Cloverdust just said, "Duuuuuuh, you're in the Alola region! Pluuuuuuus, I brought 3 pals to welcome you here!" She called her first 3 Pokémon out of their Poké Balls: a Rowlet named Peckers, a Litten named Meowie, and a Popplio named Pops. Peckers greeted me with an adorable "Koo!", Meowie gave me a welcoming purr as she pawed at Cloverdust's phone (she was trying to beat a >=O level on Geometry Dash), and Pops sang every note of "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik". Cloverdust asked, "Want Pops to give you a VR tour of the region?" I yelled, "Definitely!" We put on our VR (virtual reality) goggles and put in the cartridge for "Alola Region: VR Tour". We toured happily through the region and finally took off those uncomfortable goggles 30 minutes later. "Tell ya what. I'll allow you to pick one to join you on your travels. Pops does have a tendency to sing at strangers and only enjoys soaking the couch, and Meowie will torch every piece of furniture if you don't have him play Geometry Dash, so I feel Peckers would be your best bet," Cloverdust told me. Peckers jumped happily as Cloverdust handed me a box of Kabut-O's, as well as Peckers' Poké Ball and a comfy memory foam pet bed before she left with Pops and Meowie.
I recalled Peckers as soon as I reached the mansion with the pool that I dreamed about back in Sinnoh. "PECKERS, RETURN!"
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