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Riolu Buys a Balloon

by Vespiqueen

Vespiqueen Riolu wants to buy a balloon but he accidentally buys Drifloon and flies away! Can his BFFs Azurill,Mantyke,Togepi,Cleffa,and his owner Adam can save him?
(This Story contains 2 Chapters.)
Chapter 1-Can i go To the Park?
In Hearthome City,Riolu woke up from sleep and he was ready for the day.
Of course,today was Buy a balloon for Pokèmon day, a day where Pokèmon trainers buy their own Balloons and make them happy.
Riolu's Trainer,Adam, also woke up and tells his parents to go to the park to buy a balloon for Riolu.
He says,
''Mom, it's buy a balloon For Pokèmon day, right? Can we go to the park to buy a balloon for My Riolu?''
''Sure'' his mom said.
As Adam's mom agrees, Adam's family went to the park.
And he went to the balloon stand.
''Sir,can i buy that balloon?" Adam said.
Adam did not notice that it was a Drifloon in the stand,and when Adam went to the comfort room, His Riolu Flew Away.
But, His Mischievous and Adventurous friends,Azurill,Mantyke,Togepi and Cleffa were eating an Banana until they notice Riolu was flying away.
Riolu's friends are shocked to see Riolu fly away.
But now, its up to Adam and Riolu's friends to save him from flying away.
To be continued........
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  1. Pikachucat
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    Apr 3, 2015