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Riolu and the Mega Key Stone: Riolu and the Mega Keystone

by NindoTheReptile

NindoTheReptile Ep. 2: The Cave
After Korrina befriended a rare Pokemon, Riolu; the both of them started to play games together. Now, they wanted to explore. And this exploration, does not look good for them.

"Korrina?" called her grandfather. "Oh, let's go Riolu. Grandfather is waiting on us." said Korrina as she and Riolu took off. "Yes grandfather?" asked Korrina. "Rio Riolu? ( What is it? )" responded Riolu. "Korrina, i'm leaving Blaziken with you and Riolu. I'm going to search a cave, filled with wondrous things." said Gurkinn (Her grandfather) sending out Blaziken. "wHyYyY!!!???" yelled Korrina.
"Because there is a rumor somewhere that lies within the cave. Blaziken will keep you busy. Right?" said Gurkinn. "Blaze. ( Affirmative. )" responded Blaziken firmly.

"Alright i'll be back soon. Bye Korrina and Riolu." waves Gurkinn walking off. " And just for all that he leaves us behind. >=O "said Korrina stubborn. Riolu fell over on it's head.[​IMG]

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