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Rightfully Renounce CH1

by Lemonz23

Lemonz23 I'm not the best at writing...I tried.

The next chapter will probably be longer, I just felt like I really needed to get this out of my space, if you know what I mean by that.
Chapter 1

"What do you mean you lost it!?" An enraged Eevee yelled, from inside a abandoned Pokémon center.
"I-I have seemed to have misplaced it..." The Umbreon said nervously. He should have known better than to have made this Eevee mad. He was known to get pretty angry at times.
"Fine....I won't punish you this time..." The Eevee said reluctantly. "....But you better find it!" He yelled. "Oh-of course..." The Umbreon said, backing away.

Charlotte, the Riolu, was heading home after a long day. Her blue backpack was constantly slipping of for some reason. "...What's this...?" She said, bending down to the ground. She found some kind of black box on the ground, looking as if it was recently dropped."huh....maybe I'll keep this..." She slipped it in her backpack, and continued to head home.

"I'm home Lucario!" Charlotte yelled when she came home. "...Good to see you..." He replied."I have your favorite..."
"Poképuffs!" Charlotte exclaimed."Thanks, Lucario!"
She immediately took one from Lucario's hand, and stuffed it in her mouth, causing cream to spread all over her mouth. "Charlotte, stop doing that..." Lucario said, wiping the cream of her muzzle. "Heh....sorry..." Charlotte chuckled,"They are just so good!" She said, grabbing another one.

She almost did what she did last time, stuffing it in her face, but saw Lucario giving her a sharp glare. She then ate it slowly, making sure she didn't get cream all over her face. This poképuff was a beautiful pink color. "...I never noticed how colorful Poképuffs are..."Charlotte stated,"I guess that's why you want me to eat them slowly, right?"

"Not really....I just don't want your face covered in cream all the time." Lucario sighed.
Charlotte put her backpack next to the entrance of the cave. "Look out there, Lucario! There is a lot of clouds out there..."
"I guess it will rain tonight." Lucario observed.
"...hopefully it won't flood our cave..." Charlotte worried.
"I'm sure it won't..."

Later that night, Charlotte and Lucario were fast asleep, during a storm. The rain was freezing, and pouring hard. Somehow the rain didn't get into their cave.

A lone Meowth was in the middle of this storm.
"...I'm going to freeze to death out here..." the Meowth thought. "I have to find
S-Somewhere....to find shelter..."
He eventually found the Lucario's cave, and ran inside without thinking. He was freezing cold, his yellow scarf seemed not to help at all. He eventually fell asleep inside the cave.
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