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OCs: Rhianna Ruse/Metaligirl

by Excalibur Queen

Excalibur Queen Recently edited.
Name: Rhianna Ruse

Aliases: Metaligirl

Appearance: Black hair, green eyes, and pale skin. As a civilian she wears a black T-shirt, jeans, and dark gray tennis shoes. As Metaligirl she wears a form-fitting outfit, mask, and ponytail made of an unknown metal alloy.

Weapons and Tools

Gripper: Four pincered mechanical claws that shoot out at the wrist area of her costume. Capable of grabbing objects or living things (such as people). They can also be used as grappling hooks.

Tranformation sequence: similar to the one the Power Rangers have in Power Rangers (2017)

Other info: Rhianna is a skilled martial artist. She also enjoys music. One of her favorite songs is “Come with me now” by the KONGOS.
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    Jul 24, 2017
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