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Tech Rat: Rex Aragon A.K.A Tech Rat

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice This should be going in Strange Origins, but...
Rex Aragon is a normal teenager, sort of. He's a genius with machinery and came up with the Armor Generator. He's secretly a superhero and get this, he's albino. Which is a first for one of my characters. His main partner in heroics is Arctic Fox, whose costume color changes depending on the season, just like her namesake. More on her later, back to Tech Rat. Using statistics and information, he can generate all sorts of different armor for different purposes using the Armor Generator on his wrist, which includes one specific arm bladed on that he has dubbed Validus. Of course, he's still working out some kinks in the technology. Like the fact that after a certain amount of time the transformation times out, which is part of why Rex always wears a mask when he's Tech Rat.