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Fakemon Ideas: (Revived) Fakemon Idea

by Seal Pup

Seal Pup It has been a while since I have done this.

You can make fakemon in the fakemon series. Read more to figure out.
So, as I said, you can make fakemon in this series. Simply PM me with this form: (I'll also be using this form in my fakemon)
Preferred/Strongest Moveset: (Feel free to make up your own moves)
Backstory?: (Optional, no need to do so)

Here is my one fakemon for the day:
Name: Robifeather
Preferred/Strongest Moveset: Feather Heal (made up, kinda like Roost), Leaf Blade, Peck, Absorb
Type: Flying/Normal
Appearance: Looks 70% the same as a Robin, but has a two leaf scars on its body. It's color is orange with faded green in it's feather. It also holds one of its feathers in its wing, and it is used for some attacks.
Ability: Feather Grow (Makes Attack stat higher when 50% or lower)
Backstory?: None really.
Region: Hin Region (made up)
Other: First of the evolutionary line, Route 1 bird

Thanks for looking here! Fakemon forms are due by April 10, were I'll be making the next one I hope.
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