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Return of Team Rocket: Return of Team Rocket: Christmas Special

by Mr Fishykarp

Mr Fishykarp Merry Christmas Pokecharms! This is the Christmas Special of Return of Team Rocket, inspired by Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". This is canonical within ROTR the series and happens sometime in between chapters 15 and 16 (If i write that much), and gives a peek at Seb's past, and perhaps even the future of the series?
It was December the 24th, Christmas Eve,

and in the Rocket Base all was at peace.

‘cept for one little boy, Seb was his name,

Out in the city, robbing away.

His friends Seer and Aidan approached him that night,

Told him to calm, not to put up a fight.

That he needed to calm that Christmas day,

To keep all his schemes and his evil away.

For the spirit of Christmas, as many do know,

To give and not receive, that is how it goes.

For on that one day all should be calm,

Free from all danger, anger and harm.

But Seb would not listen, as he got into bed,

He turned to his friends, laughed when he said.

The spirit of Christmas? How silly are you?

You’d think we would find it, if the tales are true.

But the spirit of Christmas is found in the heart,

Not inside a building, or out in a park.

How Seb could not see that, his friends did not know,

But it was too hard to reason, easier just to go.

That night during Seb’s comfortable sleep,

A spirit walked in, stealthily it creeped.

It whispered to Seb, and gave him a fright,

Why had it come on this dark Christmas night?

What are you, why are you here,

Seb asked with anger, surprise and fear.

The spirit, it listened, his tone caused it pain,

But it calmed down, sighed and explained.

The source of the present may be found in the past,

The things you loved dearly, but couldn’t make last.

You may see them again, one final time,

Follow me Seb, now we will fly.

Taking the form of a familiar mate,

The looks of Angel, the spirit create’.

Preparing to fly it took Seb by the hand,

It flew him away through a city so grand.

The spirit, it whisked him away,

To a very very familiar day.

To a mansion large and tall,

Towers, moats, gates and walls.

Seb would have rather died,

But regretfully dragged himself inside.

Inside were figures there were two,

One in Red and one in Blue.

How did I get a son like you?

Asked the angry one in Blue.

Christmas is not for fun and play,

You should work hard every day!

“But day I am” the boy in Red,

Pleaded, cried, shouted and said.

I train real’ hard to be the best,

Can I not have a day of rest?

If you want to be the best,

You may not relax, you may not rest.

No days can you relax, not one,

Not until your training is done.

Now continue on your endless quest,

Wipe away your foes, those mindless pests.

Do not stop until your dead,

Do not come back, my son, Seb.

Seb looked on in shock and fear,

How could the spirit bring him here?

The fateful day when fun was gone,

Replaced with training, working to be strong.

Right here on this fateful day,

All hope and laughter went away.

Seb’s father just could not see,

He joined Team Rocket to be free

He turned to watch the spirit go,

To where, Seb did not know.

Inside his old family home,

And was left once again alone.

As fog and mist filled the ground,

Once again Seb heard a sound.

I am the spirit of Christmas present

Here to convince you of this wonderful event

Taking the form of Seb's admin David

A familiar frown ever so grave'd

You still haven't learned, you still cannot see

Please take a moment to listen to me

Seb and the spirit travelled all throughout town

Looking left, right up and down

And Seb saw everywhere there was joy in the air

No anger and sorrow, no sadness and fear

Yet that was what he was causing on that fateful day

Taking the joy and the fun all away

He realized that he had made a mistake

He wished that back, his actions he could take

He watched as his friends partied all night

Yet Seb himself, was nowhere in sight

He watched as they laughed and had fun and felt joy

Back to being children, opening toys.

On that fateful day, it seemed Seer forgot,

That he once was a spy, one who had got caught

Instead joining in the festive fun

Happiness for everyone!

It seemed Aidan was in command,

Of this party so carefully planned.

Aidan voiced to Seer his only fear,

That Seb would not join him here.

Seb turned to look at the spirit's head,

But saw instead, eyes so dead.

A specter in a Golden Mask,

With carvings of a Ghostly Ghast.

I am the spirit, the voice boomed,

Of the future which has loomed.

Like thunderclouds over your head,

One single strike could strike you dead.

What do you want? Seb asked with fear,

Where is the other spirit? Why are you here?

But the other spirit's time had passed,

Now it was time for Future at last.

As purple and gold swirled through the mist,

A beautiful, yet deadly kiss.

Seb found himself, again away,

To a very distant day.

He saw before him a ferocious fight,

One of lighting, fire and ice.

Psychic waves, dark balls of death,

Moonlight blasts and poison breath.

Yet in the midst of this fight so fierce,

Seb just could not spot himself and Seer.

Once again Future raised his hand,

Teleported Seb across the land.

Seb stood opposite his own Team,

In his eyes a desperate gleam.

I must it is the only way,

Seb heard his Future self say.

He turned to reveal a dark path,

All was silent, 'til Seer spoke at last.

We must go through our chosen route,

We need you help to defeat that brute!

But Seb just laughed and took Seer's arm,

Brought him down the path of harm.

Seb ran away, went down and down,

And with him, Seer also drowned.

Seb looked in horror at the sight,

Reflected upon pale moonlight.

As he brought Seer far away,

Both of them down a path astray.

Not only had Seb caused HIS end,

He had destroyed the future of a friend.

Hoping it was not too late,

He turned to Future to confirm his fate.

But the spirit was fading away,

As the night turned back to day.

Seb watched as his world of dread,

Turned back into his comfy bed.

Making haste he checked the time,

Thankfully the clock had yet to chime.

Aidan's party was still on,

And in a flash, Seb was gone.

Aidan and Seer watched on in doubt,

As their friend Seb came running out.

Acting oh so calm and cool,

Nothing like the Seb they knew.

He laughed and partied all night long,

Joined in dance and joined in song.

And by the end of this Christmas Night,

He'd forgotten all his Christmas Fright.

And that brings us to the tale's end,

Take care this Christmas night, friend.

May you stay out of the way of harm,

Merry Christmas Pokecharms!
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