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Return of Team Rocket: Return of Team Rocket: Chapter Seven (Pallet)

by Mr Fishykarp

Mr Fishykarp Aidan, Angel, Seb and Seer infiltrate Pallet Town to discover the location of the three Legendary Birds. Meanwhile four new trainers have begun their journey.

Note: I need names for the other three Pallet trainers, I'm not just going to name them Red 2, Blue 2 and Green 2, also I changed the name of Pines aide to Amy because "Katie" happens to be the name of a Moderator, which is... awkward..
“So you aren’t mad?” David asked the mysterious leader
“What would I have to be mad about?” The leader said
“Many things” said David “The Spy, the breakout and my… documents”
“You were only doing what was necessary” the leader said “And we have bigger fish to fry”
“Like what?” David asked “We need the girl if we are to get the birds”
“No…” the leader said “I have received word that a remote village in lower Kanto knows the location of one of the Birds”
“Perfect!” David said “I will go there right now!”
“No…” the leader whispered “this is the perfect test for our new… graduates”
“Understood sir” David said “When shall we go?”
“That…” the leader said “Will be their first mission”

Aidan and Angel were walking to the training hall when they bumped into Seb and Seer. “So the secret is out now” Aidan said
“It seems I have severely underestimated my foe” Seer sighed “And my friend here will obviously hinder my mission”
“You got that right chump!” Seb shouted “I’m never taking my eyes off you for more than a second!”
Angel decided to change the subject “So what do you think our mission will be?”
“I can only guess” Seer said “Probably some grand robbery or break in”
“Quite right” David’s voice boomed from behind them “Report to my office, this mission is of utmost secretary”
David’s office had changed drastically in the last few days, the light was dim, only showing one desk and two chair. The window was blocked by three thick pieces of wood, and as soon as the door shut, David locked it immediately. Obviously David was not kidding.
“Your mission” David whispered “Is in Pallet”

Aidan froze instantly, Pallet Town was one of the most well-known places in Kanto, home to Professors Samual and Blue Oak, the latter of which was also a Gym Leader. In addition, it was the birthplace of the current Champion, Red, who had singlehandedly taken down the Pokemon League, Team Rocket, and Mewtwo. Red had also completed the Pokedex, including catching the three Legendary Birds, before later setting them free.
“You can’t be serious!” Aidan exclaimed “Once Red finds out what we have done, he will come for us! And what about the professors!”
It was common knowledge that when Red and Blue worked together, nothing could stand in their way
“Luckily for us” David said “The Professors are at a Professor’s conference in Kalos, discussing the resurgence and destruction of the famed ultimate weapon, and Red went too to protect them from any potential Team Flare remnants”
“So we are really going to invade into Pallet” Seb asked? “Awesome!”
“Quiet” David said “There are rumours that before the Oaks left, they intrusted three rare Pokemon to four aspiring trainers. Given Pallet’s history of talented trainers, we should tread wisely”
“We can beat them!” Aidan said “The four of us against the four of them!”
“Well the three of us against the five of them if Seer decides to turn on us” Seb said “We should watch him closely”
“No need for that” David said “After the battle, The leader and I told Seer some very interesting news involving his family, didn't we Seer?”
Seer’s face went completely white, and was barely able to nod “Yes”
“Alright then? When do we leave?”
“Right now” David said. The back wall of his office opened up, and revealed the field on the other side. In the middle was a black helicopter with a red R spray painted onto the side.

Finally, the Rocket-Copter landed right in the middle of Pallet Town. Considering how famous it was, Aidan thought it was rather small. “Fan out and search the area” David ordered
Aidan ran into one house while Angel ran into the other. As Aidan entered, he noticed that the house was empty. There were trophies and medals on shelves and hanging from the walls, as well as a framed portrait of a very familiar face. “Red!” Aidan realised. This was the house of the famed Red. Aidan panicked, what would Red do when he found out that Aidan had broken into his house. But the mission came first. Aidan ran upstairs to Red’s bedroom. Inside was a computer. “Darn” Aidan said “Password Required.” Then he looked at Red’s wall and saw a sticky note saying “Password = Charizard”
Aidan imputed the password and began downloading all of Red’s files onto a USB. Eventually Aidan came across his emails. Which included one from professor Sycamore of Kalos

Greetings Red,

I am inviting you to the Kalos Region to Help the PSC (Pokemon Science Council) Decide what to do with the ultimate weapon. I have sent similar invitations to the Professors of all of the regions. Please meet us at my lab in Lumious City at the earliest available time

Yours Truly, Professor Sycamore

An Email from Blue Oak

Hey Red!

I heard that somebody managed fill the Johto Pokedex! I managed to get a copy and thought you might want that Data transferred to your Dex, after all, you are the Pokemon master

Kind Regards, Blue

P.S. Let’s have a Rematch when we meet, I’ve been training my Pokemon super hard lately. Smell you later loser

A message from a trainer named Gold

To Red!
I heard that you finally got off of Mount Silver! We need to have a rematch right now! My friends don't believe that I could do this

From Gold!

A few junk emails that all said the exact same thing

Hi Red!
My top 1% Ratata is at tip-top shape! Come and see it


My top 1% Ratata evolved into a top 1% Raticate!


You will never be able to beat my top 1% Raticate, but come and battle my anyways!


And finally, the message that Aidan was looking for

Dear Red

I have released the Legendary Birds like you asked me to. However, I also put a tracking device onto them in case we need them for any reason in the future. There is a computer in my lab which will 24/7 show us where they are. It has been quite interesting studying their flight patterns compared to those of Pidgey and Spearow

Yours Truly, Samuel Oak

Quickly, Aidan ran back to the Rocket-Copter where the others were gathered. “Oak has a tracker on each of them!” he said “There is a computer in his lab which shows where they are!”
All of the Rockets dashed into the lab, only to be faced by a group of Pokemon Trainers, four in all. “Hey!” one of them shouted “You are Team Rockets”
Aidan studied the faces of the aspiring trainers. These seemed to be the four that Oak intrusted the new Pokemon to. There were two boys standing near the entrance blocking the way, while two girls were talking to each other, one of them turned towards the entrance, a surprised look in her eye… allowing Aiden to see her face.
“is that you?” Aidan Asked “Amy?”