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Return of Team Rocket: Return of Team Rocket: Chapter Five (The Final Test Part One)

by Mr Fishykarp

Mr Fishykarp It is finally time for Aidan and Angel's final test, but in the heat of battle, will Aidan pass with flying colours, or flunk out completely?
Morning came all too soon. “Wake up guys” David said as he walked into Aidan’s room “you have a big day today.
After breakfast, the competitors had an hour to discuss strategy.
“I’ve never battled before!” Angel said “What if I mess up?”
“So our Eevees know Swift, Quick Attack, Bite. Mine knows Dig and yours knows Charm” Aidan said “Use those moves to attack the enemy”
“I know how to battle, stupid” Angel said “I just haven’t done it before!”
“Then show me what you know” Aidan challenged
After a few mock battles, it was time to battle Seer and Sebastian. Just before the battle, Seer met in the hall, in secret and away from their partners.
“Remember your deal” Aidan said “Agent Seer”
Seer nodded and discretely walked away. Aidan did the same and joined Angel just outside of the battlefield. “Are you ready?”
“I’m scared” Angel said “What if I screw up?”
“It will be fine” Aidan said “Trust me”

Aidan and Angel walked onto the arena. It was a big sandy battlefield with big rocks dotted around the arena. There was a small pool of water with two trees next to it. On the sides were two stands, for spectators to watch. The two stands were very different, one for regular spectators, and one for Rocket leaders. On the left stand, was a few people Aidan didn't know. A woman and two men, as well… “My Wife” Aidan said to himself in disbelief. He saw his wife wave to him and he gave a nervous smile back. On the other stand, was the Rocket leaders. Rocket Admin David, as well as another man and a woman, were sitting in the middle. To either side of them were two Rocket Grunts, guards. Above the three was a fourth man, this one in wearing a uniform with Golden lining and a Golden Mask, as well as a Golden Necklace. Seeing how he was dressed, Aidan assumed this was the leader. He saw Seer and Sebastian enter the arena. Sebastian seemed restless and eager to battle, while Seer was nervous, suspiciously eyeing the leader. “Of course” Aidan thought. All of the leaders were there, right next to each other, if Seer took them all down, Team Rocket would come tumbling down. But there were two guards and Seer didn't have powerful enough Pokemon to deal with three admins and the leader. Seer probably could barely resist to try. Aidan saw the Masked Leader nod towards David, who walked down onto the arena. He raised both of his hands into the air. “Each trainer will use one Pokemon” David said “And the battle will be in a double battle format. The battle will end if all of one side’s Pokemon are fainted. This battle will decide your rank in the organisation, and let us determine your personal battle style.”

Aidan and Angel both sent out their Eevee, and then watched to see Seer and Sebastian’s Pokemon. Seer sent out a Butterfree and Sebastian sent out a Beedrill.
“well it seems that the competetors are ready” The woman Rocket said “and Will and Sebastian have a massive advantage”
“Quite right” said the other male Rocket “They have final evolution Pokemon and the advantage of flight”
“Anything could happen in the course of a battle” The masked leader said slowly, as if choosing every word wisely “Be prepared for all possibilities”
“Of course sir!” the man and woman said in unison “You are always right sir!”
Aidan ignored them and focused on battling. Seer was hesitating, while Sebastian went right in. “Beedrill, Fury Attack!” Seb shouted. Three stingers flew straight at Aidan’s Eevee
“Eevee use dig!” Aidan said “Now travel under one of the rocks” The stingers flew right over Eevee’s hole. “Eevee use Quick Attack on Beedrill” Angel shouted.
“Poison Sting, Beedrill!” shouted Seb. Beedrill’s stinger’s became purple, and it flew towards the incoming Eevee. Eevee slammed into Beedrill’s chest but Beedrill was able to imbed one of its needles into eevee. The impact sent Beedrill flying backwards into a rock, and Eevee rolling across the ground. “Now!” Aidan said “Use dig!” The rock that Beedrill hit suddenly exploded, showering Beedrill with pieces of rock. “Now use swift!” Aidan shouted. Eevee, who was in the air from coming out of the hole, used swift, firing a shower of stars onto Beedrill. “Butterfree use confusion” came a voice from the other side of the Arena. Aidan’s Eevee was suddenly hit by an invisible force, and fell down from the sky, next to Angel’s Eevee. Seer walked onto the battlefield next to Seb “Now string shot” said he said.
Butterfree fired a long piece of string from its mouth, almost covering both Eevee. Seer gave Aidan a look that said “I’m Sorry.”
“Now is our chance!” Seb shouted “Use Rage!.”
Both of Beedrill’s stingers turned a menacing red, and Beedrill charged towards the two Eevee, ready to deliver the finishing blow.
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