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Resona starters

by NerdyNinja

Copy of Mew.jpg
NerdyNinja My and RWBYMan's fan made Pokemon. The Resona starters:
Salmanroot: Grass type (Bottom)
Triflare: Fire Type (Top Left)
Draglash:Water Type (Top Right)
Who would you choose?
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  1. Pokemem
    Dragslash i choose you!
    Feb 18, 2017
    BlueDragonFlame likes this.
  2. Machi
    Nsalmanroot I choose you!
    Jul 13, 2016
  3. Astralpunk
    Hmm, I guess I choose Dragslash since I almost always go with water-types.
    Feb 19, 2016
    SuperYang10 likes this.
  4. NerdyNinja
    Feb 4, 2016
  5. WindRyder
    They are all so cool, but I would probably choose Salmanroot :)
    Feb 4, 2016
  6. NerdyNinja
    Big day for Triflare
    Feb 1, 2016
  7. BryceTehTrainer
    I would choose Triflare
    Jan 31, 2016