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Requests: Request Dump 2

by Il Fantasma

ace.png peachy.png star.png
Il Fantasma
  1. Ace sprite was made for @Galacta Ace
  2. Jiangshi!Gardevoir was made for @PeachyPie
  3. Edgy boi Litwick was made for @Staroid
  4. I'm in the process of making a PMD!Alolan Vulpix for @Tamazarokon
You're still welcome to send me requests on my profile page, though I might be a tad bit slow with them from now on. My summer's pretty booked.
  1. AceyPie
    Ooo that Ace sprite is gonna be very helpful~ *COUGH FORESHADOWING* @Galacta Ace
    Jul 11, 2018
    Galacta Ace and Il Fantasma like this.