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Renji's Adventure

by Renji_The_Trainer

Renji_The_Trainer Chapter one
part one
"Renji..wake up son!"Mom shoves Renji a little to wake him up.
"Huh....wha." He mumbles "Oh..hi mom." He rubs his eyes.
"Sweet heart. Todays the big day. " She smiled."The day ya' get your first pokemon!" She jumped with joy.
Seems as though Renji's mom is more.excited than he is. He has been with pokemon all his life. Just never had one before. To him at the moment, getting a pokemon for himself is not a big deal.
"Get dressed sweety!" She walks toward the door of his room." Oh and uhm, Renji Change your clock."
Renji leaps out of bed and puts on a set of clothes given to him by him by his father

"Renji! Come down stairs! QUICK!" Renji's mom shouts.
He speeds down stairs and notices his mom looking at the telivision.
"Oh...nevermind..thought your father would be on..oh well.."She looked at Renji." Well..why don't you go look around town since we just moved in. And don't forget to talk to one of your dads friends, the proffesor."
He nodded, and stroled out the door. As the door opened, a ray of sunshine entered the living room.

To be continued.
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  1. Renji_The_Trainer
    Part two will come tonight!
    Oct 29, 2014
  2. Ghostly-Hedgehog
    Cant wait 4 part 28)
    Oct 28, 2014