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Renamon vs Lucario Part 2

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Lucario vs Renamon Part 2
Lucario was sent back by a blue fireball, and struggled to get up as the fire was super effective. Kyubimon roared and leaped at the jackal. Lucario dodged, and jumped into the trees. Kyubimon uses Fox Tail Inferno, multiple fireballs soaring at Lucario. He dodged, but the last one hit him out of the trees. Kyubimon used Dragon Wheel, rolling at Lucario, and hit hard like a wolf. Lucario was sent flying, but got up and tried blocking the next Dragon Wheel with a Force Palm. Lucario was pushed back from the fox, but then used Aura Sphere, hitting Kyubimon’s head and sending her back. Kyubimon growled and sent out a high pitch Tengu. Lucario screams, and tries to cover his ears, but is than head butted in the chest. Lucario jumps back, knowing to win, he must also evolve further. Lucario glows bright like a rainbow, than is surrounded in a white flash. The mega evolve symbol appears, and Lucario is standing tall. Taller, actually, too. Lucario has become Mega Lucario. Lucario growls and sends an Aura Sphere at Kyubimon. The mythical Digimon grunts, than uses Dragon Wheel. Lucario, this time, simply lifts up the spinning Digimon. Lucario than throws it down and sends a Dragon Pulse at Kyubimon. The digital monster groans, trying to get up. Lucario charges up a Force Palm, then lets his palm collide with the fox’s head. A large blue flash appears, covering the scene. As the flash disappears, we see Mega Lucario huffing in and out, and also Renamon, who could not handle the pain as Kyubimon. Renamon struggles and tries getting up, but is than picked up by the neck. Renamon struggles, trying to break free of the Pocket Monster’s grip. Lucario than charges up an Aura Sphere, directly at Renamon’s neck. Renamon screams and tries kicking the Mega Evolution away, but Lucario is too strong. Lucario than fires as Renamon howls in pain, but the cry soon vanishes. Smoke covers the battlefield, and Lucario whooshes it away with a Bone Rush. Lucario walks away from Renamon’s headless body. The Aura Jackal sighs as he looks forward to visiting Sir Aaron’s grave to talk with his spirit.
This fight’s winner is: