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by ☆Shiny Demonhoura☆

☆Shiny Demonhoura☆ Professor Loppy was done taking her shower.Dressing in shorts and a long tee shirt,she put up her green hair in a messy ponytail.The night air was creeping in,so she shut the window.

Professor Loppy : Why is it still cold?

Her Mewshroom was a puffy ball,as he went into his pet bed.An ice cold hand gently stroked the nape of her neck.

Professor Loppy : Raens?

She turned to him,and he drew her closer to himself.Her cheek mushed against his bare chest.

Raens : I need to talk with you.

She looked into his sad eyes,and put a gentle hand to his cold face.

Professor Loppy : What's wrong?
Raens : *tearfully* My friend is sick.
Professor Loppy : You mean Krieger?
Raens : He's dead.Can you help him?

Professor Loppy had no words to comfort Raens.The Shyren Tears could heal any injury,but to revive a person has never been attempted.

Professor Loppy : Where is Krieger now?
Raens : In the Ice Palace with Constantine.
Professor Loppy : Take me to him.

Professor Loppy got dressed in normal clothing.Raens had turned away,not to look at her.She left Mewshroom food.

Mewshroom : HISSSSS..I remember you....
Raens : *sniffling* Not now,cat...

They left her apartment regularly.She locked the door behind her,and got going with Raens.He carried Professor Loppy and bounded from building to building effortlessly.After some time,she saw the Ice Palace.

Raens gently let her down.She saw Krieger and held back tears.The golden brown Fire King was an ashen grey.

Raens : *sobbing* See...

Professor Loppy knelt down to touch Krieger tenderly.Her face was sad as she looked upon him.

Constantine : You think you can help him?
Professor Loppy : I think so.

Raens lifted up Krieger,supporting his head and back.

Professor Loppy : Let's go to my lab.

Constantine carried Professor Loppy and Raens carried Krieger.Hopefully the Shyren Tears could help him...

Strange how those you show compassion to,come to see you again.
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