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Sky Fulfills: Remembrance. (Chap 2)

by DaVioletAce

DaVioletAce Another one! Okay, nothing left to say now, summary...NOW!

Daniel is very sensitive about the way he writes, so he knows somethings desperately wrong when he finds a picture of the legendary Pokemon Lugia. Before he knows it, he's searching down his Pokepedia. When he succeeds, he learns his father's story. Who is Danny? We'll know.
Chapter 2: Finding Lugia.

Daniel scurried to his printer, way outside the back of the room. He sat down and listened to the buzzing sounds made before it laid out a white paper. "Lugia..?" His heart beating rapidly, he carefully picked up the paper. It opened to the legendary Psychic-Flying type Lugia. He stared at it, and gasped. He dropped the paper like a brick and scrambled back to the edge of his room. "It's alright, Danny," Daniel cried out, hoarsely screaming, but failed to produce any sound. "Danny, are you OK?" The voice asked again. But all Daniel could hear was hot tears on his cheek. "WHERE ARE YOU!" he screamed. He didn't care about others in his house. Carol was with mother on her way to the Pokestop.

The voice remained silent, and Daniel screamed again. "WHERE ARE YOU!?" he yelled. The memories of who he used to be came back. But through all the old years, he still could not see him being called Daniel. He didn't know who Danny was, but all he was seeing were people calling him Danny. "I'M DANIEL! NOT DANNY!" He cried, grasping for air. "Danny?" the voice finally answered. "You are...Daniel." it said. "Where is Danny..?" Lugia asked. "I DON'T KNOW!" He screamed. "STOP! STOP, STOP. STOOOOOP!!" He yelled so hard, he was heard from Navel's house, a few houses away.

Navel flinched at the sound. "Ma? What's that noise?" he asked. "Ay, sonny, you're mother is at work." said his grandpa. Navel shivered. "yes, lolo." Navel shrugged. It was probably nothing.

Meanwhile, Daniel lay on the floor of the gloomy and dark room, crying. Lugia's voice kept trying to reassure him. Lugia went silent, and then said. "I will tell you Danny's story." it said. Daniel froze. "Father?"

Lugia was very hesitant of telling Danny's story. But they had to. The boy would go insane. This is why the Greek River of Lethe was created. Lugia sighed, and said the story in an light voice, letting his psychic flow so it went into 'Daniel''s mind.
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