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Fruit Waifus: Remember that “Chan” phase the internet had and still Has?

by Lord Of Pain

A499A1A0-2216-41FE-8981-AD9EBBA44558.jpeg A4DD2996-1A20-4EF8-A472-B8A2070753BF.jpeg
Lord Of Pain So.... this started as an inside joke meme.... but now I guess I am doing this, gonna turn a bunch of fruits into Anime Waifu Material.... I present to you Banana-Chan and Melon-Chan!

Banana Chan is more than she seems at first glance, and she is quite a sweetheart and a charmer

Melon Chan is proud of her Melons, even if they make it difficult to shop for fitting clothes... she also loves playing and streaming Minecraft so there is that...

Keep an eye out for when I post the next two gals!
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