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Death Battle!: Regi Battle Royale REMASTERED

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 The long awaited season finale. (All information comes from Bulbapedia.com)
Greenfox: The season finale. Pinkfox: The third Death battle. Me: My personal favorite battle. Bluefox: But the most hated battle. All: Lets fix that! Greenfox: Regirock, Pinkfox: Regice, Bluefox: Registeel, Me: And the new contestant, Regigigas. Greenfox: I'm Greenfox, Pinkfox: I'm Pinkfox! Bluefox: I'm Bluefox and he's Mewtwofan! Me: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... All: A Death Battle!

Greenfox: This guy didn't do good last time. Let's see how he does now! Regirock is a large golem made of brown rocks. Regirock has an orange pattern on its face that resembles a capital letter "H". It has long arms with jutting shoulders and club-like hands, its legs are short in comparison to its body. There is a line of rocky spines running down its back. When it gets damaged in battle it will search for new rocks to repair itself. Because of this, the rocks it is made of come from several different places, which contributes to Regirock's patchwork appearance. Regirock does not seem to have a heart or brain. It generally lives in caves. In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Regirock debuted near the end of the Ruby & Sapphire chapter, when Sidney was attempted to open the Desert Ruins. Together, Steven and Sapphire created a team of four Beldum and Sapphire's Relicanth and Wailord, thus opening up the chamber containing Regirock, as well as the other two golems, Registeel and Regice. Regirock used Superpower to stop Groudon and Kyogre from spreading destruction. After the battle, it and the other two golems—left weak and powerless—traveled to the mountains, where they were later caught by Brandon shortly before the opening ceremony of the Battle Frontier. It's moveset contains Ancient Power, Superpower, Rock Throw, and Hammer Arm. Regirock: I AM A PRESENCE BEYOND THE REALM OF SCIENCE.

Pinkfox: Can this guy win again? Regice is composed of Antarctic ice that resembles a crystal. Its face has an unusual pattern consisting of seven yellow dots in a "+" formation. It has four spikes on its back. Its legs are conical and it balances its entire body on those two points. There are three fingers on each of its cylindrical arms. In the anime, Regice moves around by floating in the air. Regice cloaks itself in air that is -328 degrees Fahrenheit, and can survive submerged in molten lava and other extremely hot temperatures. Regice slept in a glacier for thousands of years. Regice's body was made during an ice age. This is one thing that help him take a win last time. It also has Ancient Power, Icy Wind, Superpower, and Hammer Arm going for it. So I placed my bets on this guy again, I better win! Regice: I AM A LIFE-FORM THAT FUSED WITH ICE.

Bluefox: The Pokemon that was supposed to win last time. The top-half of Registeel's body is spherical and gray with a black stripe running down its "face". Its face consists of seven red dots in a hexagonal formation. It has black arms with three fingers each and cylindrical legs. While Registeel has been classified as a Steel-type Pokémon, its body is actually made of a material that is harder than any known metal. However, this material stretches and shrinks despite its hardness. Its body was tempered by pressure underground over thousands of years. Ash battled against Brandon's Registeel in Overjoyed! It also appeared again in Pace - The Final Frontier! along with Regirock where they blasted off Team Rocket. Its body is apparently hollow. No one has any idea what this Pokémon eats, its body can not be scratched. But it's body can be frozen and then destroyed. It has a moveset of Hammer Arm, Metal Claw, Superpower, and Ancient Power. This guy better win this time. Registeel: I AM A LIFE-FORM BORN FAR UNDER THE GROUND.

Me: I was pointed out by an source that doesn't want to be credited that last time, I forgot about Regigigas. He is the one of the reasons I made this battle.
Regigigas is a large, white golem-like Pokémon with seven black circular "eyes" arranged in a specific pattern. The pattern is Regigigas' way of showing its anger; its eyes glow red when it is provoked. It has six spots that are apart from its eyes, which appear to be gemstones. These gemstones seem to be represent the other three Regis, with red gems representing Regirock, blue gems indicating Regice and silver ones representing Registeel. It has long arms, with three fairly human-like white fingers, and short legs that end in large mossy bushes instead of feet. Regigigas has large yellow bands on its shoulders and wrists, with a sloping section on its chest that appears to be its head and is also yellow. Its body is covered in black stripes, and it has moss growing in its back and feet. According to Sinnoh legend, Regigigas' strength enables it to move continents. Regigigas is a skilled craftsman. It created golems out of inanimate objects and brought them to life. Regigigas is also capable of controlling these Legendary golems, even if they already belong to a Trainer. It can also survive extreme conditions as it is able to work with the boiling temperatures of magma (1300-2400°F) as well as frigid ice (-328°F). When Regigigas is disturbed from its slumber, it goes on a rampage and shoots powerful beams of energy. When it is befriended, however, it is calm and gentle, as seen in Pillars of Friendship!. It is able to crush targets by using its signature move, Crush Grip. Along with that, he has all elemental punches. But he has a weakness. Slow Start. For the first 5 turns, his Attack and Defense are cut in HALF! There is no way he can win.

Me: Alright the combatants are set. Bluefox: Let's end this debate once and for all. Greenfox and Pinkfox: It's time for a Death Battle!

(Regigigas awakens the legendary golems then hides behind a mountain)
(From behind the mountain, he commands the golems to fight each other)
All of us: FIGHT!
(Registeel starts up with a Metal Claw and knocks the other 2 off their feet)
(Regirock launches a Hammer Arm and knocks down Registeel)
(Regice stands up and uses Icy Wind on Registeel)
Registeel: NOT TODAY.
(He tries to hit Regice with Ancient Power but instead hits Regirock.)
(Regirock puts his rocks back in place and Regigigas jumps out from behind the mountain. His slow start had ran out)
(Regigigas gives Regirock a big kick and he goes flying into 100 pieces)
(Regice steps up and uses Superpower)
(It stings the giant beast but it's not enough to bring him down)
(He grabs Regice and uses Fire Punch)
(Rocks fall on top of the hurt Regice)
(Registeel tries to distract Regigigas by using Anchient Power)
(Regigigas turns around and uses Thunder Punch)
(Regice launches out a final Hammer Arm)
(Regigigas grabs Regice and his hand and SNAP! uses Crush Grip)
(Registeel lets out a Superpower, knocking his leader to the ground)
(Registeel uses Ancient Power after Ancient power until Regigigas has low HP)
(Registeel readies Hammer Arm, it looks like he's going to win!)
(Regigigas grabs Regice's body and freezes Registeel with it)
(Regigigas grabs the frozen Registeel and uses Fire Punch, melting the golem)
(Registeel is very weak, he falls down to his knees)
(Regigigas splits the continent in HALF!)
(Registeel falls to the bottom of the ocean, never to be found again)

Me: K.O! Pinkfox, Bluefox, and Greenfox: WHAT?! Me: Put your pitchforks down, le me explain. Regigigas had Slow Start, but it was smart. It knew to hide for the first 5 turns. Then it was unstoppable. It is also the strongest Pokémon ever. Bluefox: Says the Mewtwo addict. Me: Have you ever seen Mewtwo move a continent? Greenfox: No. Me: The winner is... Pinkfox? Pinkfox: Regigigas... DANGET!

Next time on Death Battle. The perfect way to start off Season 2! (There is a blue bug, and a brown bug) (The blue one has a horn on his head, the brown one has razor sharp teeth) Coming November...
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  1. Mewtwofan259
    @DopeLeafeon This battle is old. The series didn't get good until Episode 16...
    Jul 29, 2017
  2. DopeLeafeon470
    The creator of all regis...
    the regis built into one being...
    gee, I wonder who would win...
    could it be...Regigigas?
    Jul 29, 2017
  3. Lord Of Pain
    Lord Of Pain
    Mewtwo dose not need to move a continent, because mewtwo can PULVERIZE a continent!!!!!
    Oct 18, 2015
  4. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Arceus is stronger.
    Oct 4, 2015