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Red vs Blue Profiles: Red vs Blue Profiles: Saint, part 1

by Gamefreak1996

Gamefreak1996 Red vs Blue Profiles is a series of short stories dedicated to the characters of ZcraftGaming's Red vs Blue Roleplay. If you enjoy what you read, take a look at the roleplay. The first episode of the series focuses on the childhood of Anthony Kaiser, a.k.a. Saint, the blue field medic who will never abandon his team.

It's hard to be a freelancer already, but when you're also a mother, you've got that to deal with too. Six-year-old Anthony, however, doesn't quite understand that yet. When his mother takes off on yet another mission, Anthony is left to have a heart-to-heart with Wyoming of all people.

Caution: strong language will be used in this story.
"I'm sorry, Anthony, but I have to go. My team needs me." Arizona said for the hundredth time to the little boy at her side. Before she slipped on her helmet, she looked at him. He had her eyes, and her father's hair. Then after putting her helmet on, she entered the hangar, Anthony still following.

"But mommy, you promised you would teach me how to heal people like you!" Anthony pouted.

"You requested my assistance, Ari?" Wyoming said as he approached the two.

"Yeah, Wyoming, thanks for coming. You're off today, so do you mind watching Anthony while I'm gone?" Arizona requested. Even with his helmet on, Arizona still sensed the look he was giving her right now. "Name your price, and I'll pay it." she added.

"Fine." Wyoming sighed. "But just because we're friends doesn't mean I'm giving you any discounts." Then he added: "I'm a soldier, not a babysitter..."

"I really appreciate it, Wyoming. Thank you." Arizona said with a smile.

"So, are we gonna get going, or just sit here on our asses all day?" Carolina shouted. "Arizona, let's go!" After one last hug from Anthony, Arizona got onto the transport and took her seat. Then, the transport hovered into the air and took off into the atmosphere, Anthony watching with a mixed look of frustration and longing.

"Well, come along,child." Wyoming said, taking the child by the hand. "Let's get lunch." He led him down the hall past several other freelancers who were either training, resting, or just goofing off. As they passed the training room, Anthony tried to see what was going on inside, but couldn't, and Wyoming had soon taken him away. Soon they reached the mess hall, and got their meals. Anthony still seemed pretty disappointed, though Wyoming couldn't tell since all he could see of the small boy was his hair poking up from the table's edge. "I told the director to get a booster seat for you, but he keeps saying it's on the way. I wonder if he even bothered placing the order yet." he chuckled.

"Mhm." Anthony simply said, picking at his food.

"What's the matter? You don't like my company?" Wyoming asked, acting hurt.

"No, it's not that, Wyoming." Anthony sighed. "I just...I want to spend more time with my mommy. She's always so busy with her life, and almost never spends time with me."

"Do you know why?" Wyoming asked. Anthony shook his head. "It's because she's out there, fighting and risking her life, so that you can live yours happily and peacefully. Your mother is an A-class hero, a freelancer, going on missions no other soldier (except Chief) could ever dream of accomplishing!"

"A hero...? But she's never slain dragons or saved damsels in distress, has she?" Anthony asked curiously. Wyoming laughed, a bit of salad flying from his mustache.

"Well, no..." he finally said after stopping, "But she has saved many lives. She heals the wounded and sick to keep them from dying and to keep them fighting for humanity's cause. If she wasn't there, any soldiers brought down by the enemy would stay down, and our numbers would dwindle by month's end. And with fewer soldiers, humanity would be weak to enemy attacks. That's why your mother is so busy; because she's always needed." Anthony listened to Wyoming's words, and nodded. He might not understand exactly what he said, but the heart of the message stuck with him.

"Thank you, Wyoming." Anthony said as he began to eat his sandwich. Wyoming smiled. This child, while a pain in the ass to deal with at times, certainly was a bright one. He seemed to carry a special warmth wherever he went, and even though he didn't like the kid, he still felt it. Maybe it was because a lot of other people didn't like him because of his "habits" of being selfish and disobeying regulations. This kid, though, respected ALL of the freelancers, even him, the "scumbag" of the bunch.

When Arizona arrived back to the base at the end of the day, she was pleasantly surprised to see Anthony smiling as he ran up to greet her. She was even more surprised to hear him call her his hero. After sending him ahead for supper, she immediately stopped Wyoming in the hallway. "Okay, what did you do to him?" she asked.

"Oh, I just had a little heart-to-heart with him, is all." Wyoming mused. "That's gonna cost you extra, by the way. Your total fee is $500,000." With that, Arizona let out a sigh as she facepalmed. But she had to admit he earned it.

"I'll forward it to you tonight." She muttered. Then she went to join her son in the mess hall.

(Author's Note: Hello, readers. Thank you for reading my story. For those of you who are Red vs Blue Enthusiasts, yes I know Wyoming is ruthless, deceitful, and greedy, but given he's also got a semi-friendship with Florida, I figured he isn't heartless 24-7. Even the coldest people could have some light in them. And it's non-canon anyways, so it doesn't really matter. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the first Red vs Blue Profile. Stay tuned for next time as we cover the Crimson Cowboy, Bastion.)
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