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Red Riding Hood: Red Riding Hood Part 2

by NerdyNinja

*Red finds some flowers and heads back to where she left only to find black gone*

Red: Black? Black! Where are you? Ah well *Picks up the basket and leaves*

*When suddenly, a figure in the trees stops her*

Robin Hood: Come my merry men! I think I spot some rich people. We shall give their money to those in need... You there *Points at red*


Robin Hood: Yes you. Are you a greedy girl who only uses your money for yourself?

Red: Uhh... no, I'm only a child

Robin Hood: Then Let's be off! *Leaves*

Red: Bye

*Keeps walking and bumps into another girl*

Red: Black why did you leave... Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry I thought you were someone else

Alice: That's no problem. Have you by any chance seen a white rabbit go this way?

Red: I have not.

Alice: Thank you. Oh, maybe that's him! Thank you! Good-Bye! *Leaves*

Red: This has been a VERY strange day...

*Grandma's House*

Wolf: *Knocks on door*

Grandma: Who's there?

Wolf: *Child like voice* It's me Grandma, Little Red Riding Hood. I brought you some sweets from my mother.

Grandma: Come in little Red, just push open the door.

*The wolf opens the door and walks in closing it*

Grandma: *Gasps* Your not my Granddaughter! *Screams*

*The wolf jumps and ties up the grandmother with nearby rope and shoves her in the closet, and grabs a spare set of clothes and changes, laying on the bed waiting for Little red...*

Red: *Skips to the door from the edge of the forest*

Boy Who cried Wolf: Don't Go in there!

Red: Why not?

Boy who cried Wolf: Because there is a Wolf in there!

Red: I don't think so. Only my Grandma lives here *Knocks on the door* Grandma! It's me! Little Red Riding Hood!

Boy who cried wolf: AHHHHHH! *Runs off*

Wolf: *Grandma voice* Come on in dear, just push open the door

Red: *Does so and enters*

Red: hello Grandmother! I brought you a basket full of sweets from my mother.

Wolf: That's wonderful dear Granddaughter. Come in and rest awhile *Fake coughs*

Red: *Moves towards the wolf and sits on a chair* Grandma, you don't look very good.

Wolf: I'm sick dear

Red: But Grandma, what big arms you have

Wolf: The better to hug you with my dear.

Red: Grandmother, what big legs you have

Wolf: The better to run with my child

Red: And Grandma, what big ears you have

Wolf: The better to hear with darling

Red: And what big eyes you have

Wolf: The better to see with my love

Red: And Grandma, why do you have such big teeth and that big mouth

Wolf: All the better to *Normal voice* Eat you with!

*Jumps out at red ready to bite her but she runs, the wolf chases her and corners her, she stumbles backwards and grabs something on the shelf and bashes him on the head with it and he falls back in bed*

Pig 2: *Comes in and kicks the wolf, muttering and walks out*

*Muffled noise from the closet*

Red: Grandmother?

*More noise*

Red: *Gasp* Grandma! *Runs to the closet and opens it untying her* Are you safe? Are you OK?

Grandma: I'm okay Red, just a little shooken up but I'll be okay.

Red: Thank God. I thought the wolf may have eaten you

Grandma: Thank you Red for saving me

Red: *Hugs her* I love you Grandma

Grandma: *Hugs back* I love you to Red

*Back at the house, Red suddenly wakes up from her dream*

Red: What, Oh, it must have been a dream... it seemed so real though

Black: Red? Why aren't you up yet? it's time to go.

Red: Black, you will not believe the dream I just had! You were in it, mom was in it, and grandma. A-and there was a Wolf, and three little pigs and, and.

Black: Whoa! Slow down Red. Are you feeling okay?

Red: I'm fine Black

Mother: Girls what are you two doing in here?

Black: Red's going insane

Red: Am not!

Black: Are too!

Mother: Girls please stop fighting

(End of part 2)
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