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Red Riding Hood: Red Riding Hood (Part 1)

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja an idea from a good friend :)
NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a very beautiful girl who lived in a village with her older sister and her mother. Everyone loved the two wonderfully sweet girls within minutes of meeting them but no one could have loved the girls quite as much as their grandmother who was constantly looking for better gifts to give them. One year when the girls were quite young she gave her oldest granddaughter a beautiful black cloak and her youngest granddaughter a precious apple red cloak. Because the girls loved the cloaks and wore them as often as they could, anyone who knew the girls called them Little red Riding Hood and Black Cloaked Beauty or simply Black and Red for short. They led ordinary lives until one day something extraordinary happened.

Red: Black, hurry up!

Black: I'm coming, I'm coming

*Red sits on the couch and falls asleep*

Mother: Girls! Where were you! You were suppose to meet me 30 minutes ago

Red: *Jolts awake* What, what happened?

Mother: Your late

Red: It's not my fault. I've been ready to go. Black is taking forever!

Black: Was not! It hardly took me 10 minutes to get ready

Red: I don't think so. When I called up to you we were on time.

Black: Then why are we late?

Mother: Girls, stop fighting!

Red: Sorry Mom

Black: Sorry

Mother: Girls I need you to take this basket to your grandmother. She's sick.

Black: What's in it?

Mother: Some sweets and medicine. I trust you will get it to her quickly

Red: We will

Mother: But don't wonder off the path and into the forest or talk to strangers. Hurry along.

Black: Of course, Mother

*Both girls turn and exit the door*

*Forest begging of path*

Good Fairy: Hello girls! Where are you going today?

Black: To visit our grandmother, Good fairy

Red: Do you have any advice for us?

Good Fairy: Just follow the yellow brick path.

Red and Black: Thank you!

*They walk down the path*

Red: Oh, it's such a beautiful day *Sighs wistfully* look Black. She looks like a princess.

Black: What?

*Cinderella and godmother appear infront of them*

Cinderella: Hello girls

Red: Hello

Black: hi?

Cinderella: Could you tell me what time it is?

Red: It's just past noon

Cinderella: Oh no! I'm late! Good-bye girls!

Godmother: Remember Cinderella the magic only lasts until midnight! Be back by then!

Cinderella: Thank you fairy godmother

*They race off*

Red: That was... interesting

Black: Sure was

Red: This feels like a magical day, just look at the beautiful, bright, blue sky *Looks up*

Black: Um hum *Looking down*

Red: And the delightful singing birds *Looks around at the birds*

Black: Yup *Looking down*

Red: And a little deer and a rabbit

Black: Hmmm

Red: and look at all the gorgeous flowers.

Black: *Looks up with sudden interest* Grandmother loves flowers

Red: That's right, she does!

Black: Poor Grandma, Laying in her death bed with not even a pretty flower to look at *Sighs*

Red: I know but we are not allowed to leave the path

Black: What could it hurt? I'll stay right here with the basket while you go get some. Nothing will happen.

Red: but mother said.

Black: Grow up Red! Mothers not here, is she. Who would tell her, there is no one here but you and me.

Red: Fine. But please stay right here. *Places down the basket and goes to get some flowers*

Black: *Snorts and begins to walk back home* Finally! I'm going home!

Red: *much deeper in the forest trying to decide which flowers to pick when three pigs run by her*

Pig 1: Run away!

Pig 2: Save yourself!

Red: What do you mean?

Pig 3: It's not safe!

All pigs: RUN!

Red: Why?

Pig 2: He's almost here!

*The pigs run and a wolf sees red and begins to follow her*

Wolf: Hello little girl

Red: *Jumps when he speaks* Oh! Hello mister wolf. *Looks at the where the pigs ran*
Are you chasing those pigs?

Wolf: Oh don't worry about it. That's just a little game we play.

Red: I don't know. They don't look like they're playing. They look afraid

Wolf: They're only pretending. What's your name?

Red: Little Red Riding Hood. I'm sorry but I can't stay and chat, I must be going

Wolf: Where are you going Red Riding Hood?

Red: With my sister to bring my grandmother some sweets and medicine because she is sick.

Wolf: Does your grandmother live far from here little red?

Red: On no, not at all. She lives just across the forest in the first little house in the village. The house with the white door.

Wolf: intresting... Well goodbeye red riding hood i must be going *Leaves*

Red: goodbeye

(End of Part 1)
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