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Red & Blue: The Destiny of Rivalry

by White the Shining Eevee

White the Shining Eevee
Pallet Town, Kanto Region, 20 Years ago

On TV, a Gengar and a Nidorino are battling

"Nidorino used Horn Attack!"
"But it has no Effect on the opposing Gengar!" The announcer yelled.
"Gengar used Dark Pulse!"
As the battle raged on, A young boy, who would be destined to become a great trainer, Red, watched with great exictment

"You can do this Nidorino!" Red shouted
"Red!" his mom called from downstairs
"Yeah!?" He responded
"You have a guest at the door!" She told him
"Oh, I'll get it!" he shouted as he opened his door.
Red opened the door.
"Heya, Red!" said the Guest.
"Yeah, Gramps told me to come get you. It's finally done!"
The Second he finished Red had already dashed out the door.

Professor Oak's Lab, Pallet Town, Kanto
"I'm Here!" shouted Red
"Ah, hello Red." said Prof. Oak
"It's done!?"
"Heh heh, Yes."
Red Obtained the Pokedex from Professor Oak!
"Please, help me complete this."
"As a gift, you may pick one of these Pokemon."
"Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle."
"Well, thanks for the choice, But I knew my pick long before I came."
"Charmander! I choose you!"
"Interesting. Blue? Your turn."
"Well, Red picked Charmander, So I'll pick Squirtle!"

"Hey Red, Let's try these things out!"

You are challenged by Rival Blue!
Go, Charmander![​IMG]
Rival Blue sent out Squirtle![​IMG]

Squirtle used Tackle!
Charmander has 16 HP Left!
Charmander used Scratch!
Squirtle has 14 HP Left!
Squirtle used Tackle!
Charmander has 10 HP Left!
Charmander used Scratch!
Critical Hit!
Squirtle has 8 HP Left!
Squirtle used Tackle!
Charmander has 4 HP Left!
Charmander used Scratch!
Squirtle Fainted!
Charmander gained 897 EXP.
Charmander grew to Level 6!
Charmander learned Ember!
You defeated Rival Blue!
Rival Blue: How could I lose!
"Well, you won."
"Smell ya later!"
Blue left.
"It's time for my journey to begin!"
The Adventure continues in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow!