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A dark pokémon story: Rebrum Stallas Halloween Rumble

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 This is going to be the first of many spooky month themed written works. I plan to make many more as well. I decided to turn my Rebrum Stellas into a series, partially so I can make this one and associate them together. In this episode, its halloween in Unova ,and the Rebrum Stellas are gonna ride hard on those mean streets ,but spookier than usual.
The sun was starting to set and a wild assortment of fiendishly ghoulish ,and twinkly glittery? Wait what?! Oh right... Tricker treaters... That one is a witch, that one is Frankenstein, that one is a mummy, that one is a fairy princess ,and that one is a great value mario. The man looked around, "Actually, this is just my regular clothes, I was just getting home from work. Rude" The man said in regards to being called a great value Mario. He slammed the door to try ignore the narrator's voice.

Moments later loud rumbling noises could be heard. Headlights appeared in the horizon ,and motorcycles became making their way down the road. Royce was near the front revving his engine as much as he could, Clair was closer to the middle and was looking around at the motorcycles, just casually looking at the other motorcycles. Being the mechanic, she took great pride in seeing them run properly. Near the far left side in the back was Albert. Albert was looking just feeling happy to be included ,and enjoyed being part of the gang. In the very front was Kaiser, riding with a conceited smug grin that could be seen a mile away.

The motorcycles stopped at a bar. The bikes were all lined up ,and they all headed inside. Several of the workers inside had already prepared for the worst. Most of the furniture if not all of it was nailed down ,and the bartender was already getting prepared. Several of the bikers were already lining up for drinks. Royce managed to peer pressure Albert into joining them ,and Kaiser helped himself to going over to the vip lounge. Nobody told him he could go over there ,but nobody was going to stop him ,or make him leave. Kaiser made himself comfortable a blonde woman in a red dress. Her boyfriend didn't appreciate he gave her ,and almost got up, but didn't. Luckily, Kaiser was just there to chill ,and maybe get a drink or two. That and to keep the others from getting into trouble.

Seeing how Kaiser made himself comfy in the vip lounge, Clair took the opportunity to grab a drink, and make her way to the vip lounge. It's not like the bartender was gonna kick out an entire biker gang. Though some of the bikers might have wish he'd have at least tried. After a while sitting there a while, Kaiser got up to the other man's relief. "Heading out boys! Get your drinks and go! We got shhh to do!" Kaiser yelled. The remainder of the bikers still inside the bar began rushing the bartender to get their drinks. Kaiser even helped himself to a drink too, and even paid for the tab. To the bartender's delight, he covered all their drinks, no fights occurred and nothing was broken. This time. It was now getting late. More and more tricker treaters were coming out ,and the streets were slowly filling up with vehicles packed with tricker treaters pulling trailers with even more of them. The night was going to be a long one ,but the gang decided to hang out at Kaiser's place.

Kaiser had a couple bags of expired candy that he handed out to tricker treaters as they came by. The door bell had a shocker in it so that anyone that touched it got a small zap. There was also some real blood on splattered on one of the front windows. Though that's a story for neither here nor there. That night the gang had a fun spooky themed party and watched a few horror films. Most of the members even had spooky halloween masks, and didn't hesitate to wear them. Some even got fully dressed up with an entire costume. It was an alright time. It was also safe to say that none of the halloween pranksters could muster up enough courage to try egg Kaiser's house. Some of the members spent the night at Kaiser's place. Kaiser took good care of his fellow biker gang members. Some of the sorta sober members drove home. Some of the definitely not sober members were persuaded to stay the night, either on a couch or a guest bed. It was a fine Halloween indeed.