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Katie's Kalos Adventures: Reasons not to wear leggings in the middle of winter

by Rainbowditto

Rainbowditto Katie is usually smart when it comes to dressing, but sometimes showing off your amazing legs is more important than keeping warm.
The morning is crisp and cool, and if it weren't for your freezing legs you might have even called it a pleasant morning. To be honest though, the freezing legs thing is definitely your bad. Who could judge you though? You had spent all day last saturday catching up with Brianna and walking all around Lumiose City and now your legs are rippled with sleek muscles. Of course, that could also be the swelling in your ankles that's causing your legs to look extremely buff, but we're not going to talk about that. Regardless of how cold you are, however, the day is going well. Paul didn't wake you up and Sasha is curled up on your shoulders, keeping your top half warm. You could debate though on whether or not it's your boobs that need to be kept warm when you're trying to walk to the bus stop. Either way, you're excited to see all of your friends again for the first time in months. It's not every day that you're able to come home when you're also trying to beat the pokemon league at the same time. But with a holiday coming up all the gyms are closed anyway, so why not visit friends before setting out again? The bus pulls up slowly to where you stand almost crushed between two girls who don't seem to notice your existence. So with cold, stiff legs, you're happy to climb onto the bus. Even if it means spending some of your visit money on the ride. You slide into a seat near the window and right behind the bus heater. The heater is warm, and soon your legs are back to being a completely normal leg temperature. All bus rides must come to an end, however, and just as you get comfortable, you slow to a stop. You grumble as you stand and walk towards the door, but the excitement of finally seeing Chris for the first time in forever is overwhelming and you can't keep frowning for long. "Thanks!" you call to the bus driver, Sasha trotting behind you. But maybe you should have been looking where you were going. Your foot slips past the last step and you stumble to right yourself. It works, before your other ankle gives out from under you. You crash to the ground, letting out at least 15 different swears in about 3 different languages. You flip over onto your back, gasping for breath and holding your leg to keep it off of the ground. Sasha is immediately at your side, sniffing at your leg. But you kick her away with the other foot. Everything seems to hurt. You lay there for a few minutes, catching your breath and allowing the pain to ease away slightly before you try to stand. Your ankle almost gives out again when you try to put it down. Shit, you're pretty sure you sprained it. And now your legs are cold again. And you got off at the wrong stop. And the bus is now driving away. Whelp, time to limp over to the nearest store and buy yourself an air cast. You have changed your mind about today. It's going pretty shittely.