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Lealista Clan: Reaper's Den

by Rainbowditto

You shudder quietly, goosebumps ride up and down all along your body. This shivering is somewhat caused by the chill in the room, but it's mostly due to the stares you can feel baring into your back as you walk. Most of these eyes are feral, but there are others that you can feel are looking at you with suspicion and malice. You remember where the dragon told you to wait for him, you also very vividly remember how he told you not to be late. But how could you not be late when you have no idea where you're going? It's pitch black down here, and every time you light a torch, the creatures in the shadows start to hiss and growl at you. It's unpleasant, and so you just decided to leave your torch unlit. You glance down at your watch to check the time and... Oh no. The time you had been told to meet the dragon at has already passed. You begin to shake, wondering what this dragon could do to you if you don't make it. Your hands fumble in your pack to find a match, and throwing caution to the wind, you light a torch. The shadows grow restless again. You try your best to ignore the hissing, however, and take note of your surroundings as to not get lost again. Luckily, you can see a landmark that the dragon had told you about. You were almost there, and although you would be late, you wouldn't be dead. Of course that's what you think before one of the shadows leaps at you. It's a sort of zombie looking dragon. His eyes are white and his flesh is thinning. You try to fight him off, but starvation seems to have gotten the best of this creature. Squeezing your eyes shut, you await death. But it doesn't come. In fact, you're pretty sure that the beast is gone. You open your eyes slowly, and see the dragon who invited you standing above you. He has pinched your torch off, and his bright red eyes are full of irritation. "I thought I made it clear not to be late." he says, rolling all four of his eyes. "And now those crazies are going to be on the look out for a couple of days." He grabs you by the hand and drags you into a corridor. The hallway is long, and at the end of it you can barely make out the shape of a loose hanging cloth over a hole. The dragon leads you through it, and lights a lantern in the corner of the room. A dim light slowly fills the space, and you take in the surroundings. Loose rags are littered all over the floor and the smell of rancid meat hangs faintly in the air. Torn bits of paper are scattered everywhere, not to mention the bits of scrap metal and glass. The dragon slumps down with a huff onto a pile of cloth and shuffles around a bit before pulling something out from under it. "Oh!" he says happily, "That's where that bone went!" He begins to chew on the bone before he notices you staring and sits up abruptly. He coughs and puts the bone down. "That was a close one." says the dragon, now looking at you menacingly, "So should we start with the rules of the dungeons?"