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AnimeFreak Reviews: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

by The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak This is my first review. Please enjoy. :) I tried my best... > . <
ALTERNATE NAMES: Re:Zero, Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World, Re:Life in a different world from Zero

Okay, so I’m gonna tell you one thing: This anime is a fascinating masterpiece. I mean, a few episodes in and I am loving it. THIS ANIME WILL BLOW YOUR MIND GUARANTEED, unless you’re not into thriller anime with a bunch of twists that will blow your mind. Anyway, onto the review.

PLEASE NOTE THAT RE:ZERO IS RATED MA15+, OR R17+ (It’s your choice.)

Story: 8/10
Okay, so the beginning might seem very cliché compared to other light novel adaptations. KonoSuba, Sword Art Online, but only when you realise that this anime is almost different to all of them, you will be mind blown. Okay, so when Subaru dies each time, he goes back to the past, like an endless life. I find this absolutely brilliant, because it’s different from KonoSuba and SAO. Each arc’s story is full of twists that I surely enjoyed, It’s so easy to fall for it! But the thing is the beginning, which made me give it this rating. The story was so well done, absolutely perfect. It is unpredictable each time, it hooks me up. Well done.

Art: 7/10
The art looks pretty decent in my opinion. It almost matches up with the light novel designs, and it looks well animated. I find it amusing. However, they changed up some designs of the characters, and some of them made me just say “This anime’s art is just decent.”, nothing else, but nonetheless, it’s pretty good.

Characters: 9/10
Okay, I will admit, Subaru time-to-time can be a really bad character, and sometimes a really cool one, but everyone else match the light novels perfectly. As I mentioned in the art, it was pretty amusing. Once you know every character even more, it will blow your mind. Okay, I’ll admit, they didn’t do that good with the characters, but I always try to look into each character, and they’re all pretty well done and there should be more character development, not gonna lie. The voices match them really well, it’s absolutely brilliant.

Sound: 10/10
OKAY, I’LL ADMIT, THE SOUNDTRACK IS AMAZING. My favourite ending is Styx Helix and my favourite opening is Paradisus-Paradoxum, because why not, and my favourite OST is Takt of Heroes. The music is so upbeat, and I would listen to them non-stop. Not to mention, Witch’s Call is creepy as hell. I’d rather listen to that in the anime rather than actual song, because it will creep me out. But nevertheless, I think they did an amazing job on the sound.

Enjoyment: 10/10
So far, I’m enjoying it a lot. Each character is making the adventure more thrilling. Just how entertaining each scene is and how unpredictable each twist is just makes me get hyped up for the next episode. I love this anime so much, it is my number one most favourite anime of this year. I love every single bit of it, and not to mention, all the excitement I get. This is one of the best anime I have ever seen.

Okay, so yes, this review may be a bit trash, because this is my first review. I’ve read lots of reviews, and I tried my best. Overall, I can safely say that Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu is a 10/10. The best anime I have seen this year, and will always stay as the best anime of Winter/Summer 2016.
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