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Rayman vs Klonoa

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Rayman vs Klonoa
In the Glade of Dreams, Rayman was, as usual, relaxing at eating berries. Suddenly, Klonoa jumps out of a portal right on top of the hero of dreams. Rayman jumps up, angered and yells at Klonoa. The cat tries apologizing, but Rayman doesn’t listen, and tries punching Klonoa. The feline dodges and pulls out his sword. “Fine…We’ll have it your way!” Klonoa shouts as he swings his blade. Rayman ducks, then kicks Klonoa in the stomach. Rayman and Klonoa clash fists, then feet. The both realize they can barely move, so Rayman flies up, as does Klonoa. They begin shooting their energy projectiles, lightning blasts and energy balls. Rayman then pulls out the Lockjaw, and fires. Klonoa catches, but is electrocuted by the chain. He pulls out his hammer and swings it at a tree, knocking it down. Klonoa, with all his strength and increased power from his rings, flies to the tree, picks it up, and tosses it at Rayman. He tries punching through, but Rayman is knocked down, and is stuck under. His hands, however, walk away and attack Klonoa. One covers Klonoa’s face, who begins muffling, while the other does a wedgey. Klonoa wines like a cat, then hisses. The hands back off and return to Rayman, who managed to get out of the tree with his feet. Rayman launches his fists at Klonoa and begins comboing him. Eventually Klonoa stops it with his hammer. Klonoa then starts whacking Rayman with his hammer, who takes out the Heavy Metal Fist and counters. The two begin clashing until Rayman upper-cuts Klonoa in the stomach. Rayman then kicks and punches Klonoa, and finishes it with a head butt. Rayman stops flying and jumps down. Klonoa gets angered and he creates a lightning storm. Rayman begins running as the lightning starts striking near him, but takes out the ultimate power up. The Golden Fist. He jumps up in hopes of punching Klonoa, who manages to dodge the first fist but is then punched in the stomach. Klonoa meows loudly and sends a giant lightning bolt at Rayman, who screams as he is zapped to ashes. His ashes fall down, with the eyeballs floating in the air for a bit. They then fall down and Klonoa stops flying, sitting down where Rayman was at the beginning.
This fight’s winner is: