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Random Trainer: Pheo Nix

by WindRyder

WindRyder This piece of art is from Thanksgiving. After a lot of convincing, I was able to get one of my cousins and my brother to watch a Pokemon movie with me. We ended up watching "Pokemon 2000". After watching the movie, they wanted to play Pokemon trainers and have each of us trying to capture a legendary bird. I choose for my character to trying to catch Moltres. This is a quick sketch that I colored later, of my trainer. Now when I look back at it, it looks like @Leeon 's drawing style (which is a good thing I love his work :) ). Yes, it is a girl, I am just REALLY bad at drawing pixie cuts XD. Now for a character bio:
Pheo Nix (I know I am SO :\=|: creative. I just rearranged the letters in phoenix and she is chasing after the phoenix Pokemon)
16 years old
(age varies depending on where in her life she is in a Rp)
Backstory: Pheo was abandoned in a back alley a few mouths after she was born. The leader of a street gang found her and raised her.
Personality/Appearance: Being raised by a gang has impacted her personality. She is sly and trusts very few people. The few who she does trust she will fight to the death to save. She is determined and will work extremely hard to get stuff done. She can hold her own in a fight. She also has a strong sense of justice. She has a tendency to overreact and can often get too caught up in the thrill of a fight and forget to pay attention to her health. She is taller than average and is somewhat muscular and works out regularly.
Pokemon, Nickname
Porygon 2, Pixel
: Pixel was her first Pokemon, she won it as a Porygon for getting a high score on 5 video game cabinets at the local Arcade. She has become quite attached to Pixel. Due to a glitch Pixel is not (as of now) able to evolve. Pheo shares a special bond with Pixel.
Houndoom, Pluto: Pluto was her second Pokemon. She found him as a Houndour abandoned and beat up in a back alley. She rescued him and nurtured him back to health. Pluto has grown into an incredibly strong, mega evolving Houdoom, and he is grateful for Pheo rescuing him and will do anything to please her.
Smeargle, Van: Van was her 3rd Pokemon. When passing by the local jail, Pheo noticed that a Smeargle was inside. After talking to Officer Jenny, she discovered that Smeargle had been arrested for vandalising, but its trainer didn't care enough about it to pay the bail, and that it didn't have a name so the Officers called it Van (short for Vandal). After a few weeks, Pheo saved up enough money to pay Van's bail. Van was so grateful to have been freed that it wanted to stay with Pheo. Van likes to draw and is really good at art. Van is also a trouble maker, but he is loyal to Pheo.
Sneasle, Karly: When Pheo was old enough to go on her own adventure and to leave the gang (while it was a gang, they all cared about her and had raised her from birth) they gang leader gave her a Sneasle that was only a couple weeks old and was the daughter of his Weavile. Karly is calmer than the other Pokemon and definitely more devious. Karly has the ability to calm Pheo down and Karly. Pheo doesn't trust Karly as much as the rest of her Pokemon, but she still loves her. Karly refuses to evolve.
Hydreigon, Era: Era was a wild and extremely powerful Hydreigon who lived up in the mountains for a very long time. Most trainers were afraid of her and stayed away from where she lived and this made her very lonely. One day Pheo came along. She wanted to climb the mountain and she wasn't going to take a couple day detour to avoid a Pokemon. Era meet Pheo and greatly admired her courage. Era was tired of being lonely so she allowed itself to be caught and travels with Pheo. From years of isolation, Era had taught herself human speech. Era is super powerful and probably Pheo's strongest Pokemon.
The quest for Moltres: The only thing Pheo can remember before she was found by the gang is the burning silhouette of Moltres. Throughout her life, Pheo has reoccurring dreams about Moltres. Pheo thinks that the key to discovering her biological family lies with Moltres, and she has made it her mission to find him. Her fascination about the legendary bird led to her unusual name. She always keeps one slot in her party open in case she is somehow able to find Moltres.
  1. Blackened Flare
    Blackened Flare
    If you know me I'm a sucker for back stories! I love it!
    Dec 31, 2015
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  2. WindRyder
    Thank you so much @Leeon , your comment made my day :D
    Dec 23, 2015
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  3. Leeon
    @WindRyder !!!!! KAWAii !!!!! You have me smiling all over this! You are creative! and THIS IS SOCOOL!
    Dec 23, 2015
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