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Raftling and Cygnusail (Fakemon)

by IDKWhatUserNameToDo

IDKWhatUserNameToDo Here's a Fakemon I designed!
It started with me seeing a Fakemon inspired by a mythical creature and then I wanted to do something similar.

Raftling (Raft + Duckling)
The Float Pokemon
Type: Water
Based on duckling, pool toys, swan paddle boat and the ferryman of the river Styx (From Greek mythology)

Pokedex Entry:
It uses a long stick to propel itself forward in water, but it can also be used for attacking and defending against foes.

Evolves into it's second stage by leveling it up to lvl. 30

Cygnusail (Cygnus, AKA swan in Latin + sail)
The sailing pokemon

Type Water/Ghost
Based on swan, The Tuoni Swan (From Kalevala myths/legends) and haunted ships

Pokedex entry:
These pokemon are rumored to gurad the resting place of the dead. They are also omens of bad luck or even death if you were to see one wild at night