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The Melancholy of the Demon Lord Sai.: Rafael, the legendary Incubus.

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is the 6th chapter of the Melancholy of the Demon lord Sai, and before you read any of this, I ask that you read the earlier chapters for clarification! #summercamp15
A man with light-grey hair went to pick up a letter which no-one else could pick up.“Tch. That bastard, just leaving like that; where does he plan on going?”

Dear Everyone,

Sorry about all of this, but there is something I have to do. I will not be back for a while, say about a couple months? Alright, maybe not that long, or maybe even longer! Who knows?

I dragged my servant Cecil with me, since he’s disposable if anything comes to attack us. For all of my work, I hereby state that Rafael, the lord of the Incubus will take over my duties; as well as his duties. But this is with one clause. He cannot leave the castle, no matter what he pleads, due to his lusts. No need to fear, I will come back on my own; I don’t need a search party trying to find me. I will return to the castle in due time, so until then!

--- Sincerely from your Demon King, Sai

The grey haired man slammed the wall, almost shattering it with one blow. “Damn that bastard!”

The maids stopped crying, and then read the letter; and looked at the grey haired man. “You’ve gotten a upgrade from the king! And he’ll be back soon! This isn’t the most joyous news, but it was worse than what we thought.”

Teenagers were gossiping, as a beautiful man walked past them. He had light grey hair, but at the same time, didn’t look a day older than twenty.

The man stopped; dead in shock, as the castle didn’t have moss or anything in it. He looked at the girls, as the immediately blushed, and then spoke. “Do you know who lives in that castle?”

The girls blushed at his charming voice, Ah; he would be the perfect husband! The youngest girl spoke up from that group, “ We actually don’t know ourselves. There’s a rich noble in that castle, we can tell you that.”

The man charmingly nodded at the girl; as the girl tried her best to not faint out of embarrassment. “I guess, I’ll just have to perform there, well if the noble agrees.”

Another girl spoke up. “You’re a traveling entertainer?”

“I am, indeed, and if you’d like, you can be my assistant.”

The girl was as red as a red rose. “Really? Take me with you!”

You’d have to get permission from your parents, as you’re still a kid. I’m looking for a woman to help me with my travels.” The girl fainted of rejection, and the man slowly walked away.

“Those brats aren’t my type. I need something young and sweet to soothe this curse.”

Sara quickly ran to the stables, in a black blazer and respected colored pants, and kept thinking about the last couple days. Usually Cecil lets me go horse-riding every day, and ends class a bit early, but lately, he’s been making class even longer! By the time I finish, it’s almost sundown! Dad won’t let me ride at night, as he’s too paranoid already, so this is my last chance!

Sara looked at the blond haired maid with sadness in her eyes, “Jeez Cecil, can’t I go riding today?”

“Not today Sara. There seems to be some danger in town; so lord Sai doesn’t want you near that disgusting creature.”

Sara sighed. “If I go to town, on what percent chance am I going to encounter the murderer?”

Cecil looked at the floor. “Lord Sai doesn’t want you to get hurt.”

“But I know it’s wrong to talk to strangers, I know what to do! You can’t keep me locked in here forever.”

Cecil tried his best not to stutter, and succeeded in that task, “When did we say that you were locked? We have everything that you would need in the world in front of you!”

She smiled. “Sorry Cecil, but it just gets too boring at times.”

“Lord Sai, she doesn’t like being locked in a cage, lady Sara will break out eventually.”

“She can’t go outside yet! She’ll get hurt by him!”

“Milord, if we keep quiet, he won’t find us.”

“Impossible. He’ll find us sooner or later, and I’ll be the one to tell him to go back home.”

“Milord, everyone in the demon kingdom is searching for you, as the kingdom can’t function without a king!”

“Aren’t they doing just fine under Rafael’s rule?”

“Actually, the humans have gained more land in the last ten years than ever, and they’ve all been under Rafael’s rule.”

“She’s 10, she can’t leave yet! She can’t get a job anywhere, nor find a partner for her life. And if she goes near that man, she’ll be-”

“Then when do you expect her to leave?”

“I expect at the age of 18, but this is just my idea.”

“That’s 8 more years, milord. Once Rafael knows where we are, it’s going to be impossible to keep this game up.”

“Now that you think about it Cecil, I kind of like humans now.”

“Milord! You mustn’t say that! How about the humans who broke the castle, or the knights who kill us every day?”

“The only good human I know of is Sara, and after her, there will be no good-humans. I will eliminate them all, no need to worry.”

“That’s what you keep saying sire, but you must stick to your promises.”

“I will, just you watch.”

“So, what do we do about the 'legendary Incubus'?”

“I’ll just talk to him; and tell him that I’ll come home in 5 years, or something like that. But, if he goes near Sara; I will have no choice to kill him, as he has a huge lust for women. ”

“Will he listen to you lord Sai?”

“He’s my best friend Cecil, and I’m the king, he just can’t say no.”

“I only hope that you are right, sire."

Sara hopped on a horse, and quickly went through the forest, to town. She dropped the horse in the stables at town, which were for a small fee. Sara then started walking through town, but this time she noticed; no-one stared at her. Every time she would go to town with her Cecil or Sai, the town villagers stared at her. Perhaps it was because there were 2 dads, or dad’s black hair? Ah well. Sara cleared her thoughts and then blankly started walking when-she bumped into someone. Oops.

The grey haired-man was on the floor, with blue raspberry ice cream all over his silk outfit. “Oh my.”

Sara helped him up, and started apologizing. “Sorry about that sir! Would you like me to pay for that?”

He shook his head, “It’s no problem my dear!”

“You sound like a stalker.”

He looked at her with anguish. “What?”

Sara quickly replied, “Nothing.”

Rafael looked at her hand, as the next way to capture a girl’s heart was to kiss her hand.“What’s your name?”

She replied without any thought. “Sara, how about yours?”

“My name is Rafael, it’s nice to meet you, my princess.” He then looked at his watch, as Sara was trying to think of a reply. “Ah, I forgot, I had to go somewhere! Until we meet again my princess!” Rafael started running in the direction of the castle.

Sara waved at the man, with confusion all over her face. “Bye?” She stared in bewilderment for a bit, and then was done with her little stroll’ and proceeded to the castle.

Sai had a sword in his hand, with anger on his face. “Where is she?”

Cecil bowed “I-I don’t know, Milord.”

Sai quickly drew the sword to his neck. “Tell me where she is!”

“She probably went to town; I believe that’s where Rafael is, currently.”

“That bastard will not get her hands on her!” Sai and Cecil got on their horses, and left the castle.

Sai and Cecil were going full speed on their horses, when Cecil said “Can you sense Rafael?”

“He’s in the area.” There was silence after that.

They rode, and went to town, and on the edge of town, there were teenage girls were taking care of their friend who fainted earlier. Sai walked up to them, and knelt down to the girl’s hand and he went to touch it. He snickered. “Damn! So this bastard’s really in town!”

“Sir, stop it! She already got rejected by one hot guy today; she doesn’t need to be touched by another hot man!”

“I’m sorry, there’s a rapist around these parts; although he looks beautiful, he’s a cold- blooded person.”

“That man was a rapist?”

“Never-mind that, did you see a young girl, around the age of 10 around these parts?”

One girl chimed in to the conversation, “Yes, I saw her! I was following the grey-haired man, and he bumped into her! Then he had a quick chat and ran off somewhere; now that I think about it, he must’ve been running to that weird castle up there!”

“And how about the girl?”

“She probably went to the castle as well.”

“Damn! Cecil, I want you to search town one more time; I’m going back to the castle!” He ran to his steed, and as fast as Sai came; Sai was gone.

Cecil went to put his steed away, and ran through town, through every nook and cranny looking for the lord’s daughter.

“Sara! Sara! Can you hear me? I’m coming for you!” Sai was speeding through the forest, and there was no sign of Sara in sight. Or like no trace of her at all. He was almost to the castle; almost there!
Sara opened the entrance she came from with her keys and walked inside. She went to the stables and put the horse in the stable, and went to the garden; only to find a figure there.

Sara froze in horror as she saw the figure noticed her. “Sara? What are you doing here?”
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