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by ShinyZekrom009

ShinyZekrom009 As @Psycho Monkey suggested, I am also placing this in the Corner, even though it is already in a thread on the forum boards. Respect the rabbits!
Imagine if you were strolling along to god-knows-where, minding your own business. It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon, with no obligations for the rest of the day, no kids to entertain with illusions that delight and astound, bringing joy to children through your profession as a magician. You are humming, replicating a tune you have recently heard on TV. Your surroundings are beautiful, picturesque. Everything is perfect.

The next thing you know, you feel something grab your shirt collar. Everything rapidly shrinks and disappears, as you seemingly fly skyward, pulled by a mysterious entity, you think, panicked. The sky around you blurs, then turns dark. You can see nothing, but you can feel yourself moving upward. Then, light returns. Still suspended in midair, you squint as you attempt to make out your surroundings, waiting for your eyes to readjust to light. Then you gasp.

First of all, you notice that you are somehow way tinier then every other living thing in the room you find yourself in. Second, the creatures sitting at tables in front of the stage, applauding and whistling, are bunnies. Fluffy, white bunnies. They are walking and sitting, quadrupeds become bipeds. Third, you notice that you are still being held up in midair. Twisting and turning around, you get a good look at what is holding you. Another bunny, this one wearing a black and white costume with a cape draped on its shoulders and a top hat resting on its head, behind two long ears. And it booms "Thank you, thank you! And now for my next trick!"

It places you back in the hat it pulled you out of, then lets you go. And you are tumbling down, without end, down, down, down, down, down.....

And you open your eyes. You are on your back, in a park, one that you had been strolling through before it all happened. It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon.You get up, blink, look around. You wonder if it was all a dream. Then you wonder if it was real. And now, you at least have an inkling of how bunnies feel during such a simple magic act.
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