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Questions and Answers: Question #3

by Staroid

Staroid Spyre's turn....
Spyre : The question is for...me? It's asked by Primrose, who belongs to @Princess Lila, and her question is.. Do you have any crushes? *thinks of Primrose and blushes* Maybe...?
Rowe : Is it that Vulpix you met with Solar? Is it?
Spyre : N-no!
Orange : Spyre? I think they're a problem with Lilly...
I think there 's a love triangle... Lilly likes Spyre but Spyre likes Primrose!
Spyre : I do not!
Rowe : I ship it~
  1. Princess Lilia (Lilly)
    Princess Lilia (Lilly)
    I also ship it

    (Also this is old)
    Primrose: Hi!
    Feb 17, 2018
  2. Splashfur
    I ship it too
    May 30, 2017