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Queen Bb is here!

by stephanie spots

stephanie spots One sunny day in the Sky region,
Queen Bb and Baby were in the royal garden when they heard a blood curdling scream. What was that?! Bb yelled Baby! Wait up! Baby was going to fly away but Bb caught him. When they found the cause of the scream they found a Meloetta. It looked badly hurt Bb and Baby took it back to the castle and took care of it
2 years later
Dusk come on! Sofie exclaimed
Okay,Sofie.....(sigh)... Sisters
We have to see Mely we just hafta! Yelled Sofie
Good Arceus! Sofie hold on! Dusk said yelling back at
Kay Kay Dusk
As Sofie and Dusk walked into the enchanted garden Mely the meloetta appeared smiling
Mely started to sing her melody of love when she saw Dusk the Darkrai (no not Sofie's brother prince Dusk) Sofie and Prince Dusk knew meloetta had a crush on Dusk the Darkrai
Meanwhile at the castle,
Team Flurry came down and stole Queen Bb's best friend Baby?!
(Gonna keep you hangin for a little while) sorry D:} The End
  1. stephanie spots
    stephanie spots
    Queen Bb can transform into Giralina just gonna let you know :) oh look more dollar signs $$$$$$$$$$$
    Apr 30, 2014