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Synchro-Evolution: Qimana (Druddigon/Girafarig Fusion)

by Mr.Munchlax

Mr.Munchlax I've been seeing a lot of pokémon fusions on Twitter lately, so I was motivated to finally illustrate this idea I thought of a while ago.

Unlike most fusions, where people take two random pokémon & slap them together, I try to treat fusion as a type of evolution, where the fusors come together to make an entirely new pokémon.
  1. smew178
    I love Pokémon fusions. Do more.
    Sep 21, 2020
  2. pluveon
    Oh this looks really nice
    I especially love the tail
    Oml this is so creative
    Also Dragon/Psychic is a really cool type
    Good job on this
    May 4, 2019
    Mr.Munchlax and PrincessPika like this.