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PZ01 - Count to ten!

by Zamcio

Zamcio It was special day for our hero! Day when he got his first Pokémon and his 10th birthday. But not everything was going as planned...
The door cracked a closing sound. Some steps and swish of the jacket announced someone got back home. Annielle was in the kitchen finishing dinner for her family. Sudden sounds from the main door curled soft smile on her face.
"Honey! I'm home!" male voice shouted from the entrance. He could hear melodic voice with the answer:
"Perfect timing! I've just prepared your favorite meal!"
Jasper came in the kitchen with deep breath and delightful sigh. Embracing his wife in waist he pecked her cheek with gentle kiss and smiling looked at the pot with streaming meal.
"Looks delicious. What's the occasion for such a special dinner Ann?" asked with curiosity.
"You don't remember...?" Annielle looked surprised at Jasper "It's Zamcio's birthday today... He will back from school in an hour".
Face of the man turned little pale and his expression changed to shocked wince.
"Oh Woopernu-"
"Don't you dare curse now! You forgot about your only son birthday!" Ann yelled with nerve and reproach "You'd better find a gift for him... You promised him a Pokémon, remember?"
Confused man answered scratching back of his head:
"Yes... Yes, I remember... Okay! I go!" said nervously and left with loud crash of door. Woman sighed and shook her head with smirk.
"Both so loony..." Ann stated and started preparing the table to serve the dinner.

Jasper was hovering around the town looking for any possibility to get a Pokémon. He was asking all friends, checked PokéCenter if there wasn't any abandonded Pokémon... Nothing. Losing all hope he decided to get back home. He was walking along the street looking like rejected dog when suddenly he noticed something strange in the bushes. Jasper was very surprised to find a Pokémon Egg. Normally in such situation he would just go to the nearest PokéCenter and leave it there but today...
After a while of doubt he picked up the egg and ran towards his house. Fortunately for him, he managed to get back before his son. Gasping and little nervous he nipped in the kitchen holding an egg. Annellie gave it a suprised and amazed look.
"Well... Not exactly what I thought... What Pokémon is it?" she asked investigating patern of the egg.
"I have no idea Ann... Looks like Elekid egg... Or maybe Girafarig one..." Jasper was wondering out loud. His wife picked the egg, rotated it few times in her hands and smirked:
"My silly Jassie... It's Pichu Egg... I think our Zammy will love it. Where did you find it?". Man started to tell whole story about his searching. In the meantime, Annellie placed the egg into the bucket and decorated it carefully placing it out of sight. As soon as everything was ready and prepared birthday boy came back home. Excited and joyful kid threw his bag into the corner of the entrance room and ran into the kitchen.
"Happy birthday Zamcio!" shouted his parents holding the cake. Boy's eyes flashed happily almost as brightly as candles on his birthday cake.
"Now think a wish and blow..." said his father and placed the cake on the table. Zamcio immediately put his lips together and released a stream of air directly into the flames of candles. Hoping for soon granting of his wish, boy looked around the room but to his disappointment there was no sight of new Pokémon. Mother seeing little sadness in his eyes reached for the bucket and placed it in front of the boy. Zamcio, intrigued and grinned, took off the blanket and eyed the egg.
"A Pokémon Egg!!" he yelled excited "Thank you mum! Thank you dad!" and hugged his parents happy as never.